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Fetishism as a sexual desire


In this post we will talk about Fetishism as a desire and sexual stimulation that appears in many people and is usually motivated towards the erogenous zones of the body or can be replaced by garments or objects, becoming the only way to get satisfaction. Those persons conditioned by it are called fetishists.

Fetishism as sexual desire:
Currently, it is more standard to know the different ways that the human being has to achieve their sexual satisfaction beyond traditional sexual relations. These practices are called parafilias, among the most common we can find:

Autonepiophilia: When the role of a baby is represented and the couple treats it as if it were.

Formicofilia: When you have contact with small insects, as in the case of snails, frogs, ants … that slide, drag or nibble the most intimate parts.

Frotteurism: Pleasure to rub, or be brushed, in the genital area where another person intervenes.

Gerontophilia: Sexual excitement with a partner of the same age as the parents or grandparents.

Masochism: When subjected to practices that produce pain, which becomes pleasure during play.

Narratefilia: Excitement occurs when words are used or histories are classified as dirty, pornographic or obscene.

Sadism: When pain occurs to the victim to feel pleasure.

Transvestism: Wear clothing, usually inside, of the other sex.

Troilism: Observe the partner with a third person while engaging in sexual activity.

Voyeurism: Satisfaction derived from sneaking a sexual act.

Some of these paraphilias are truly rare, but one of them has been the subject of study by many researchers, as in the case of fetishism, of which it is estimated that 99% of the cases come from the male sex.

The word comes from the French fètiche, and in Latin means “fictitious” or “artificial,” and -ismus, also from Latin, means “state” or “condition.” This consists of the use of parts of the body (external to one’s own) or objects that replace the genitals and become indispensable to provoke orgasm. That is, the use of hands, feet, breasts, buttocks, etc., of other people to reach the climax; But also include items such as clothing (gloves, stockings, skins, belts, underwear …).

This is defined as a sexual fantasy that acquires its erotic and psychological meaning when the fetishist takes a garment to replace the human being and transform it into an object of desire. Therefore, the profile of a fetishist is that of an individual who wants to possess objects with their five senses, not only by looking at them, but also by touching, caressing them, smelling them and even putting them in the mouth to taste them.

Within fetishism there are also classifications, as in the case of dorafilia, which consists of sexual excitement from touching hair or hair, skin, leather and furs. But, footwear also has a special place, called rectifismo, or, if the object is high-heeled shoes, it is identified as altocalcifilia.

The object can play a very important role in sexual play and enrich it; But we can not let the fetish be the only means to achieve sexual satisfaction. That is, the fetishist can become someone who focuses his sexuality on objects rather than on people. It is advisable to use fetish sex games with your partner and experience new sensations but always with caution.

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