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Why buy online at

Buy online - comprar online

Why buy online at

Currently, buy online has many advantages that we can take advantage of without having to leave home. For this reason, at we offer a series of exclusive offers and discounts on the web so that our customers feel satisfied and can purchase their products from our online shop in total comfort and discretion.

From our website we offer a series of discounts and services available to all our customers offering a fast and quality service.

Discounts and benefits of buying online at

1. FREE SHIPPING: Do not pay for sending your erotic toys. For purchases over 50 € the shipment is free to the entire peninsula. At Boudoir Boutique online delivery is free, discreet and within 48 hours. For purchase under 50€, the additional costs are 7€ (VAT included).

2. Enjoy the 5% discount on buying from 100€ to 150€ on any of our products that we offer in our online store.

3. If your purchase exceeds 150€, enjoy a 10% discount on our wide range of articles online.

And do not worry about shipping! We have a high service in transportation, discretion and payment.

DISCREET: From Boudoir Boutique we take care of offering the maximum discretion in our shipments. The package will go in a brown cardboard box without any advertising, sticker or stamp so that your package is not related to our erotic store.

PAYMENT: For security reasons, once a customer pays by credit or debit card, they enter a secure area where their data, once entered, is encrypted. We have an SSL, which means that we are in a safe area to make the payment. For more convenience of our customers we have different methods of payment as: cash back, Paypal, bank transfer, credit or debit card.

You just need to enjoy the advantages of your online shopping without worries. What are you waiting for?

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