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The Secret of Chinese Kegel Balls

Chinese Kegel Balls - Bolas Chinas de Kegel

The Secret of Chinese Kegel Balls

What are Chinese balls and how do they work?

First of all, it should be noted that Chinese Kegel balls are not a tool that provides pleasure, this is an idea that many women still do not know for lack of information on these types of toys for pelvic training.

The Chinese balls, have their origin in Japan. These balls are formed by two balls, joined by a cord, inside which is another smaller ball that strikes against the walls of the greater ball that contains it.

The vibration produced by the shock of this pellet against the walls of the vagina causes an involuntary contraction in the muscles of the vagina, thus increasing blood circulation, lubrication and muscle tone.

The effectiveness of Chinese Kegel balls to improve muscle tone is based on:

• A small ball inside it that bumps against the walls of the vagina when we use them, that you can feel or not.

• The movement, much needed for that ball to move and crash against the walls. It will not work if you are not on the move.

How to choose some Chinese Kegel balls that suit me best?

To know which are the best Chinese balls that fit our needs, it is convenient to take into account these characteristics: measures, weight and materials used in its manufacture.

At Boudoir Boutique we offer a wide range of Chinese Kegel balls where you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


There are balls of different sizes, the most “normal” are around 35 mm. although we can find smaller Chinese balls ideal for women who have not given birth or who are more comfortable a smaller balls.


It is best to start with a few lightweight Chinese Kegel balls that we can keep without problem. And as you progress, you can combine the weight of each ball for a greater holding capacity that will slowly experience the muscles of the pelvic floor.


Silicone or ABS / PC of medical grade, because of its hypoallergenic nature, are of the favorite in the market for many women since they suppose a great guarantee of hygiene and do not provoke irritations or dermatological alterations.

Avoid porous materials such as plastic, as they may contain bacteria, the cord should not be thread for the same reason, and it is very important to be informed that they do not have phthalates or any other toxic element.

For whom is the use of Chinese Kegel balls indicated?

In general, any adult woman, healthy and with a minimum of strength in the pelvic floor muscles could use some Chinese balls. It is important to start using them before the first symptoms of dysfunction appear, here are some examples:

  1. After one or more births, especially if they have been traumatic, long, multiple and complex.
  2. 2. Overweight or obese women.
  3. At menopause to prevent the onset of prolapses.
  4. Adult women of any age who practice sports such as aerobics, running, tennis, etc.
  5. Women who usually carry weight.
  6. Treatment before and after a genitourinary or pelvic surgery, provided the deadlines established by the specialist are respected.

As an improvement therapy for the following symptoms, consult a specialist beforehand:

  1. Urinary stress incontinence.
  2. Mixed urinary incontinence.
  3. Strengthening of pelvic floor after delivery, after quarantine.
  4. Treatment of sexual dysfunctions caused by weak pelvic floor muscles.

In what cases should not Chinese balls be used?

  1. It is not recommended for use during pregnancy.
  2. During quarantine or in the first weeks of postpartum recovery.
  3. If you have a vaginal and / or urinary tract infection.
  4. If you feel pain when wearing them.
  5. During menstruation along with absorbent tampons.
  6. In sexual intercourse during penetration.

In the six weeks following genitourinary or pelvic surgery.

Placement of Chinese balls:

An easy way to start is by using a lightweight ball and continue with another ball of equal size but more weight, then two balls, first the smallest ones until reaching the heaviest, etc., and so, until exhausting the possibilities that offer you the Pack of Kegel balls that you have bought.

It is also recommended to use a little water-based lubricant, never silicone based, to make your insertion more comfortable. Once placed, you just have to start walking and moving. The pelvic walls will do the rest.

How long will it take to wear them?

Normally, you start with 10-15 minutes a day, if you can keep them in place, you can increase progressively to two or three hours a day. More is not necessary. If you are unable to hold them in place, you can lie down and try to contract the muscles to prevent them from coming out while pulling the draw cord as a pre-training method.

How to use them?

Its mechanism based on the vibration or the clash of the balls with the inside of the walls of the vagina causes the muscles to increase their tonicity, lubrication and blood irrigation. So, just placing and keeping them while we are in motion and we will be increasing the tone of our pelvic floor.

When will I start to notice the results?

As long as you are consistent in your routine of bringing the Chinese balls about 15-30 minutes daily, you should start to notice its benefits in less than a month.

Cleaning and maintenance:

It is essential to maintain strict hygiene before and after each use. Normally, it is sufficient with a little warm water and neutral soap before and after use. You can also use an antibacterial spray to clean them. Manufacturers often recommend that we store them in a cloth bag so that they are protected from dust and dirt.

All that is left is to get down to work and start strengthening our pelvic floor to achieve a better quality of life in our vagina!

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