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18 Fantastic Erotic Games

Erotic Games - Juegos Eróticos

18 Fantastic Erotic Games

If you want to keep the flame of passion alive with your partner, in this post we recommend 18 fantastic erotic games to excite you and your partner as if it were the first day. A good way to keep the passion without falling into monotony during intimate encounters is to play sexual games. Imagination is the best sex toy there is and that is why we are going to show you a series of games that will surely increase the desire in your relationships.

1. Sexting: Ideal for couples who are live far apart or travel frequently. Practicing Sexting is a great way to start the erotic play. Send her a suggestive message or a sexy photo and let the games begin. These games need trust and will reinforce the relationship in your intimate moments.

2. Slow Sex: Slow sex is a very effective and erotic, making play last for much longer. You can play but make it forbidden to ejaculate, this way you will both enjoy each other for much longer and for you to play in earnest and achieve a much higher pleasure. You can also punish if they do not, so play is taken more seriously.

3. Hot Card Games: In this game, you can make up your own rules, each card in the deck can mean one thing. For example, let the number be the number on the card be the repetitions of a position or act. Here is a small example of how you can do it in a simple way:

1. Shuffle the cards in the deck.

2. One of you chooses a card, the one that chooses is the dominant one and the other person the submissive one.

3. The number on that card is the length of minutes in the chosen position / act.

4. You can do the following:
• Oral Sex
• Penetration
• You can choose either one of the above, or kisses and caresses but without using the hands.
• You can also try something you have not done before. The Kamasutra can help to inspire you.

4. Strip Poker: You can play any card game that you like, but whoever loses each game, an item of clothing is removed. When finally, there are no longer any clothes, you can play that the one who loses the final hand has to do to the other whatever is asked without refusal.

5. Hands free: Before starting with sex, you can try to start with the preliminaries without using the hands. For example, you can tie them together or use handcuffs or restraint tapes. From there, the game will begin and you will have to be able to reach orgasm without using them.

6. Erotic Darkness: It is very exciting to be able to see each other during love making, but you can also prove the opposite. Turn off the lights or wear a mask to see nothing. When you lack a sense, the rest are sharpened making you feel much more.

7. Use of lubricants: There are many different lubricants and gels that you can use to try new sensations. You can try a variety of flavored lubricants and gels to lick off the entire body of your partner or stimulants that offer different effects like a retardant or a lubricant that is hot or cold … They are very exciting and work perfectly to give you different sensations and experiences.

8. Aphrodisiacs: Aphrodisiacs are an ideal way to heat up play before sex. Try spreading melted chocolate or cream over the body or whatever you fancy… and start to lick.

9. Cybersex: If you maintain a relationship at a distance with your partner, you can try a variety of things. Try cybersex. You only need to make a video call with the camera of your laptop or mobile phone with your partner. You can start with a spicy conversation and tease each other by showing parts of your body. Until finally, you masturbate in view of each other.

10. Places prohibited: Try places where you have never had sex, for example, a very exciting way to do it is in the car. Finding other places will give you an extra bit of excitement and experience new emotions with your partner.

11. Throw of the Dice: Dice are a very simple and a fun way to start the erotic play. The first indicates an action (licking, stroking …) and the second a part of the body (mouth, breasts, buttocks …)

12. Sexy striptease: Nowadays this practice between couples is more and more normal. Take advantage to wear sexy lingerie and erotic accessories. Choose the perfect song or music to warm the atmosphere and start dancing to your partner unleashing your full potential. Let your inhibitions go.

13. Musical Sex: Musical Sex involves practicing sex to the rhythm of music. It is an ideal way to practice sex for those who like music and want to give more rhythm to their sex play.

14. Choose your role: In this game, you and your partner will have to agree on who will be the dominant and who the submissive. It is advisable to choose a role that is not usually practiced to surprise your partner and give a spicy and different touch to your sexual life.

15. Erotic massages: Both clothed in underwear or naked, massage creates a physical bond that increases with each touch giving you more stimulating body contact. Massaging is a relaxing and stimulating experience. Start by massing the feet and legs and work your way up avoiding the genitals, leaving those for last which builds up excitement until reaching orgasm. Also, body to body massage can be orgasmic, just use your body. No hands allowed! A must try…

16. Sexual Videos: This you should only do with someone you trust fully. If that is your case, put a couple of cameras or mobiles in the room and record your lovemaking as if you were Porn stars. Watching it back later, it will excite you very much and a discovery of new ways to give you pleasure. Finally, it is advisable to delete the videos after having seen them so that there are no problems.

17. The game of mirrors: Practicing sex in front of a mirror is very erotic and stimulating. The mirror on the ceiling can be very exciting, but if that is not possible, a couple of mirrors around the room may be enough for you to see. This new perspective will help you look for sexier positions so that your partner and you get more excited by looking.

18. Fifty Shades of Gray: You can play to be submissive for once, a practice that made fashionable the bestseller Fifty Shades of Gray. Use handcuffs, feather, cover your eyes with masks for gentle submission … There are plenty of toys and accessories that you can use to get you started in BDSM.

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