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The Best Sex Toys to use as a Couple

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The Best Sex Toys to use as a Couple

Have you stopped to think about “trying something else” in your sexual relations? If you have already experienced different positions, shapes, ways and scenarios but both are looking for a totally new experience, do not hesitate to try some sex toys with your partner to light that flame you need. You will be delighted!

Nowadays, we are better informed and have more knowledge thanks to the media such as blogs and social networks, which has led to a fashion in toys that many people continue to innovate constantly in their intimate relationships.

Do not know which toy is the ideal for you or which suits your needs? Next, we will see a list of erotic toys that you can try and that surely will not fail you in your search for pleasure.

First, everything depends on the mood of the couple. If they are romantic they will certainly opt for something more gentle and tender. If they want to feel something strong and passionate they will need something hotter. On the other hand, if you are also with the idea of ​​exploring something new you will call them something more daring.

Always keep in mind that oneself has its own limits. First, start using different fabrics and textures. Then begin to caress the body of your partner paying special attention to all the senses. Finally, alternate hot and cold sensations during the game.

Vibrators: The vibrators are the classic toys we all know. Today they have many different functions for him and for her. It can be used at different stages of sexual intercourse. During mastubation, part of the preliminary games, or for orgasmic purposes. Also, it can be incorporated as part of an erotic massage prior to sex. This helps to relax the muscles and prepares for penetration.

Vibrating Rings: This will help you to be more confident and enjoy your sexuality using something new, easy and practical. If lately you have had difficulty reaching orgasm, do not hesitate to have your partner put these vibrating rings. You will increase the pleasure and the sensations will be much more intense.

Oral Sex Vibrator: You can now carry a vibrator to the bed that can travel through the most sensitive and erogenous corners of your bodies. These are small vibrators, which bring incredible tingling in the most intimate areas. There are models and very different forms for him and for her producing incredible sensations that will take you to the climax in a very sensual and pleasurable way.

Chinese balls: Chinese balls are ideal for all types of women of different ages, if you want to have greater control of your body and increase orgasms with your partner do not hesitate to start a training session with Chinese balls. They are a primordial product for every woman since it helps the prevention of incontinence and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor causing much more intense orgasms.

Duster: Try to explore each place of your body with a soft feather duster. Touching the thighs, belly, breasts, nipples and sides will intensify the senses during the preliminaries. You can not forget to walk the crotch of your partner, both in front of and behind. If you want

Handcuffs: Handcuffs help give a more morbid and dominant touch to your relationships. Take advantage to dominate your guy with a good oral sex while handcuffed to bed or anywhere in the room. The handcuffs fit perfectly and are very easy to release. Make a wish come true in which dominating and being dominated is the best of games.

Oil and erotic gels: Try an erotic oil that gives off a pleasant aroma with a mixture of chocolate, vanilla or caramel. With this, you will be able to provoke an exciting effect causing intense sensations. While one of the two perform the massage, whispers to your partner’s ear exciting words to light the flame of passion.

Lingerie and Costumes Hot: Surprise your partner in sexy lingerie and erotic costumes like the example of nurse, bunny, schoolgirl … ideal to start a sensual and morbid game where both of you play different roles.

Toys for relationships at a distance: They are masturbators for her and for him. It consists of a vibrator for the woman and a masturbator for the man in which thanks to their solfware both can be connected. Through these toys, no matter how far apart you are, you will be able to play in real time, which will look like you are together because of the new virtual sex toys for long distance couples.

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