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Sexual Fantasies

Sexual Fantasies - Fantasías Sexuales

Sexual Fantasies

What do we mean when we talk about sexual fantasies? A sexual fantasy is an imaginary representation of desires whether consciously or unconsciously. These fantasies are images, ideas or feelings that the mind recreates and causes in the person an emotion and excitement, usually sexual. But these are not only sexual, they can be related to desire and pleasure. Everyone has fantasies at all ages, consciously or unconsciously, explicitly or implicitly. Here are some of the most common sexual fantasies. Do you dare to bring them to reality?

The fantasies are born of all our experiences, imagination and tastes, are a personal mental exercise that can be tried to fulfill or not. Sexual fantasies come from many types and can be fulfilled in many different ways. Some are simpler and others more complex and difficult to reach.

Who has fantasies?

Both women and men have fantasies, with the only difference being that they have less shame and often speak of these fantasies more easily and naturally. Having fantasies is completely normal (they actually mean having good psychic health), and they serve to disconnect from everyday problems and have a moment to evade you in your erotic dreams.

Fantasies have an aphrodisiac power. You can distinguish two types: the “creative”, whose aim is to enrich the sexual relations and the “longed for”, which are those you would like them to pass.

Other of the most common today are those of submission and domination, very fashionable since the 50 Shades of Grey  saga was released.

Most common sexual fantasies:

The “erotic fantasies” appear in function of the personality of each one. Among the most outstanding among women are to make love in a wild place as in the case of a beach, a forest … or on the contrary, in public like a parking, an elevator, at work, … They are also usually the ones you have with a specific person (a celebrity, a stranger, a colleague, a friend …) or fantasies with accessories, for example: with tied hands, blindfolded, games with food, or with sex toys to increase pleasure and morbidity during intercourse.

Some erotic dreams are more focused on having a meeting with another man, maintaining a relationship with a woman, having violent or masochistic sex or performing a striptease in front of several men, among others.

On the other hand, the fantasies of men are more related to the sexual act itself, ie, felacies, exhibitionism, change of couple or make a trio with two women, etc.

Let’s make it a reality!

Some experts believe that sexual fantasies should be kept in mind to continue stimulating libido, because if they are carried out they run the risk of losing their power and cause disappointment. Others believe that they should be brought to reality in order to alleviate the lack of desire and facilitate the way to orgasm. Deep down, it is up to you to decide whether to bring these fantasies to reality or leave them simply in the imagination. If you feel ready to unleash your fantasies you must take into account several things: that there is no risk to health and that they do not exceed your ethical limits or those of your partner …

It is also essential that there is a lot of trust, complicity and sexual coexistence between you.

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