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How to Improve Oral Sex

Oral Sex - Sexo Oral

How to Improve Oral Sex

Both fellatio and cunnilingus are the most common sexual practices in a couple. Oral sex is important to know how to do it so that your partner enjoys these amazing preliminaries to the fullest.

Today, fellatio and cunnilingus is something quite usual and in which everyone assumes that it occurs in couples. Both to do it and to receive it cause immense pleasure so if you want to do a good cunnilingus or a good fellatio, these are the keys that have to be taken into account to improve your oral sex.

First of all, knowing your body and your partner’s are two very important aspects of a relationship. Here’s how to do good oral sex, both for him and for her.

5 keys to making a Good Fellatio:

1. Do not focus solely on the penis. The perineum or testicles are areas full of nerve endings where you will love to take time to massage and caress them. The kisses and caresses in these parts will greatly increase the morbidity in your partner before inserting the penis in the mouth.

2. Press with lips and hand. After playing a little around him following the previous step, slowly introduce the penis in the mouth. Be very careful with your teeth, use only lips and tongue. The contact should be close, so lightly press with your lips and hand your penis to give your partner more pleasure. This will cause you to feel more every movement that is done with the mouth.

3. Play with the tongue. Play with her as she puts her penis in her mouth. Do it by tapping the glans penis and passing it around. It exerts pressure and moves it unevenly, that is to say with different pressure in different parts … The more you vary the movements and the better rhythm it will be!

4. Maintain eye contact. Some people are embarrassed to stare into their partner’s eyes at this time, but if you dare, you will know what they like about their gestures and, to them, they are usually very excited to look at them that moment. However, if you do not dare yet, keep in mind whether your breathing is accelerating, whether it moans or if you give little shoves to your head with your hip to know if you are liking it.

5. Adapt to your shape. It is very important to adapt to the type of penis that your partner has. They can be of different size or shape. That is why you have to take into account the angle or know where to focus according to the type of penis that your partner has.

5 Keys to making a Good Cunnilingus:

1. Go slowly and not straight to the point. The rush is not good for good cunnilingus. Going straight to the area is not advisable. It starts with kisses and caresses on the neck, ears and lips, and gradually descends to the breasts and abdomen to the thigh, caressing the vagina with the fingers. This will create a fascinating excitement for your partner.

2. The trick of the sweet drink. Before practicing oral sex you have a can of cola or a sweet drink nearby because with this type of drinks the tongue becomes much smoother and more saliva is produced, which will considerably favor the conditions to enter your intimate area.

3. Slowly and gently. While in fellatio you can go at many different speeds at any time, with cunnilingus is different. You have to start by kissing and licking the outside, softly and slowly until slowly entering the smaller lips. Stand in each zone, kissing and using your tongue until you finally reach female orgasm.

4. It varies with the tongue. It makes irregular movements with the tongue, gradually increasing both speed and pressure. If you tire of circular motions or go from side to side, try typing letters or words with your tongue. It is the so called alphabet technique, try to do it from A to Z with different speeds.

5. Look at your body language. It is important to pay some attention to your breathing, your groans, your body posture … This will help you to know if you are doing it right or wrong. If, for example, she arches her back and opens her legs wider to make it easier for you, you are doing very well. Also muscle spasms are another sign. Once that level of arousal is reached, the fingers will help increase pressure and pleasure. Introduce them and caress her clitoris. Finally, if you want to add another extra, try using some lubricant or sex toy ideal for oral sex.

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