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Are you dominant or submissive?

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Are you dominant or submissive?

Are you dominant or submissive? Give up control or whip pleasure? Where does the desire to play with sex and pain come from?

Domination / submission (D/S) games are a different way of rediscovering sex, but very few people practice it. It is easy to understand the excitement of a pair of cheeks, but what if we open a wardrobe full of wives, whips, latex suits …? D/S produces in people who practice high levels of excitement and morbid that can reach incredibly powerful intensity.

In recent years, erotic toys, movies, the internet … have brought us closer to the world of domination and submission from a more sensitive side. Internet blogs abound and sites where the D/S expresses itself very frankly. For sociology we are facing social networks and spaces of physical and virtual encounter with their own codes, symbology and values ​​with the sole purpose of absolute surrender in sex.

Many women have fantasies of being dominated by their partners, but they prefer to repress their dream out of fear. But who takes the reins of pleasure? According to E. L. James, the dominator ends up becoming an instrument of pleasure for the submissive. Asó, roles are constantly changing in the search for a single object: pleasure. While women hide their fantasies, men are not afraid of what they will say.

Submission for women:

A woman can enjoy more being submissive than a man.
In female fantasies, domination / submission surpasses the idea of ​​making a trio. Although a very high percentage associates their fantasies to situations of submission and domination.
Women feel sexual desire species by being dominated by a stranger and by force.

For men:

In submissive men, the game of feminization is frequent, that is, dressing and behaving like a woman.

1. Jealousy: Tied to a bed and loose knot while his partner practices oral sex, does a striptease, etc.

2. Slavery: During the agreed time, who takes the role of slave obeys the tasks entrusted to him by his master. At all times both will address the other as a slave or master, according to their role.

3. The prostitute’s game: The couple makes a list of sexual practices, each of which will have a price. The client chooses one of them.

4. Trampling or the pleasure of stepping on bare feet or shoes: For foot fetishists, it is an extremely exciting mode of submission.

5. Canine recreation: The dominant treats like a dog to the subject, causing him to walk on all fours, wearing a collar, walking him on a leash or making him eat from the ground.

6. Cyberdomination: Domination / submission relations through WhatsApp, email, Skype … Control is exercised in the distance and with a very strong psychological component.

7. Findom: The submissive pays the dominant to have all their caprices covered.

Is Domination / Submission equal to sadomasochism?

Sadomasochism is a perversion that includes pain, pleasure in cruelty, arousal through physical or psychological abuse or harm towards your partner.
The D/S is based on the domination of one over another, and the relationship between pleasure / pain has less physical intensity. The domination / submission game can be part of a free and healthy sexuality as long as it does not involve physical or emotional harm to the other person, or it becomes an obsessive behavior that harms everyday life.

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