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Energizing Tablets

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Energizing Tablets

The energizing tablets can be a solution for erectile dysfunction affects between 12.1% and 18.9% of the adult male population between 25 and 70 years old. Most experts argue that it is a problem that will affect men at some point in their lives, although its causes may be due to physical or psychological aspects.

Currently, many men hide it and do not go to a specialist to be diagnosed and treated, although today most cases of erectile dysfunction can be treated quickly.

There are many medical solutions that are adapted to each case but before it is necessary to know and understand how they act, what side effects they have and what kind of drugs and treatments are available for home case.

At the beginning, it is advisable to try to solve this problem by going to a professional. The first thing you will do is make sure that the dysfunction is really a medical problem.

It is important to know that some medications for erectile dysfunction may be ineffective or dangerous for some men.

A very recurrent and functional solution are energizing tablets such as Viagra. These pills increase the levels of nitrous oxide in the body in such a way that they relax the muscles around the penis allowing the increase of blood flow in the area, helping it to respond to sexual desire.

Main pills and differences between them:

– Viagra: They should be taken between half an hour and an hour before practicing sex and its effect can last between four and five hours.

Over-X: These are natural capsules designed to provide the man with extra sexual stimulation and a stronger erection. Take 1 capsule half an hour before having sex. We recommend not taking more than 1 capsule per day.

– Avanafil: Also known as Spedra, three doses of this medication are equivalent to one of the well-known Viagra. This new pill has managed to reduce the waiting time to just 15 or 30 minutes and its effects are even more lasting (between 6 and 12 hours).

– Cialis: This can take a long time before its effects are necessary. Taken daily, relieves the problem of erectile dysfunction at the time the patient requires it, without having to wait.

Side effects:

There are some side effects that you need to take into account before consuming them.

There are common side effects such as headaches, dizziness, hot flashes or back pain. In addition, medications for erectile dysfunction can be ineffective or dangerous for men who take nitrates or anticoagulants, those who have had heart problems, some stroke or blood pressure problems.

But there is always that keep in mind that it is a medical treatment and not an aphrodisiac.

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