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History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day - San Valentín

History of Valentine’s Day

In ancient Rome a series of about 15 gods were worshiped and Christians were persecuted. However, there were priests who wanted people to marry under Christian culture. Valentine was one of the priests who dedicated himself to marrying couples even when the emperor had forbidden him at the time. The Roman emperor had believed that married soldiers were not as good as singles… Since those who were married wanted to go home and the others did not have that urge.

In addition, in ancient Rome, February 15 was celebrated on the fertility day so that more people wanted to get married on that date.

Valentine’s Day

During the 19th century, in the Anglo-Saxon countries, the tradition of sending postcards with love messages on Valentine’s Day began. After this custom, it was added to give the couple with other gifts such as roses, chocolates or jewellery.

Once entering the twentieth century, trade and advertising used the figure of St. Valentine and took advantage of it to convert February 14 on a specific date to increase their sales considerably.

There are several theories that give this date the origin of Valentine’s Day. In the Nordic countries, for example, is when birds are paired and mated, hence this period is seen as a symbol of love and creation.

February 14, the Day we celebrate Love

Feast of love or commercial party, known by millions of couples from around the world. A day to share gifts, take care of the couple and celebrate the love that exists between them. In some countries it is known as Valentine’s Day and in others as the day of love and friendship.

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