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Sex Toys for Men

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Sex Toys for Men

There is a wide variety of sex toys exclusively for male pleasure. Today we can find a great relationship between design and engineering in each of these erotic products. For this, we must inform ourselves and know which toy is the one that best adapts to the specific needs of each man.

If you are a man looking for new sensations this list of the best male sex toys may surprise you.

1. Masturbators

Masturbators from the brand Fleshlight are favorites by most men. Made of high quality realistic silicone, it is as if it were real skin and adapts to the temperature of your body. Inside, they are textured providing incredible sensations.

2. Lubricating gels with retardant effects

The retardant gels allow the erections to last longer and when heated with friction they generate stimulating sensations for couples. Men feel much more confident when they use them offering extra security during sex.

3. Prostate stimulator

Ideal for guys who are looking for truly explosive orgasms. The prostate and perineal stimulators provide great pleasure in men since the design of these toys are perfectly adapted to the anatomy of each.  By stimulating the prostrate you are keeping your prostate healthy and experiencing electrifying orgasms in the same time.

4. Cock Rings

Cock rings also prolong the erection, by keeping the blood inside it longer. In addition, some tend to have vibrations that not only give pleasure to him but also to the partner. Some rings even come with a clitoral stimulator, making it a multifunction toy.

5. Cages for the penis

These products are a comfortable and safe chastity device. Ideal for BDSM and Fetish play. These cages are made of very different materials and suitable for the body. They are easy to use and you can find a wide range of cages such as CB 6000 or Lock a Willy.

6. Penis enlargers

Now you can increase the volume and length of your penis with the extension kits for men. Giving an extra 30% length and 18% girth.  The Male Edge brand offers the highest quality and versatility in its products. Now size will not be a problem with these easy and very convenient extenders.

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