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Types of Sex Lubricants

Lubricantes Sexuales - Sex Lubricants

Types of Sex Lubricants

How to choose a good lubricant for sex?

There are many brands and types of intimate lubricants, but it is important to consider three factors before choosing a lubricant:

• Make it as natural as possible (without parabens or toxic chemicals).

• That it is anti-allergic and respects the natural pH balance of the skin.

• That has antibacterial and disinfectant properties.

Some sexual lubricants are made from water and others from oil, some people even use lubricants created from gelatin or silicone.

 Which one suits you best?

The choice of lubricating gel (water, oil or silicone) will depend on the type of use you want to give it, as well as the duration of your sexual relations.

Water-based lubricants

These lubricants have an ideal cleaning property and can be used without problems with condoms. They are also perfect to use with a sex toy because it will not damage the material of the toys and  therefore they will last longer.

We can find some types of water-based lubricants that fulfill different functions:

1. Thermal lubricants: (Hot and Cold Effect Lubricants )They are ideal for creating different sensations during sex for both him and her. It can be a very exciting additive to intercourse.

2. Lubricants with pheromones: They stimulate the libido, that is, sexual desire increasing the desire for pleasure. Making couples feel more horny and less inhibited.

3. Ecological lubricants: Hypoallergenic for those who have allergy problems.

4. Stimulating lubricants: Made with arginine and menthol that help stimulate clitoral tissue causing greater orgasms.

5. Anal Lubricants: Ideal to enjoy anal sex with total comfort.

6. Retardant lubricants: Helps the man to hold more time during sexual intercourse, making the orgasms more intense and to enjoy more of the game.

Oil lubricants

Made from natural oils such as olive and corn, among others. They last longer than water ones, but they are harder to remove from the skin and stains may remain on the fabrics.

But its drawback is that they can cause damage to latex-based contraceptives, such as condoms and the female diaphragm, causing them not to work properly.

Silicone based lubricants

It is important that it is antiallergic and that you do a small test, applying the product on your skin, to make sure you do not have any allergic reaction.

It is also important that you avoid those lubricants or intimate gels that contain chemicals: Silicone based lubricants can never be used on silicone or rubber toys. They can however be used on steel, glass and ceramic toys.

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