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The Erogenous Zones of Women

Zonas Erógenas - Erogenous Zones

The Erogenous Zones of Women

Knowing your own body is the best way to get pleasure. For this, women must discover their own erogenous zones, which will give them great pleasure. You can discover these areas alone or in company.

The erogenous zones of the woman is not only the vagina or the clitoris. But any part of the body with a high concentration of nerve endings that can make your experience a great sensation of pleasure. But what areas are they exactly? Let’s  see which areas of the body are most sensitive to touch, pressure or vibration.

Types of erogenous zones:

An erogenous zone is a part of the body very sensitive to sexual arousal. There are three types of erogenous zones that go from the most basic, to the most unpredictable. These are the three predominant zones in our body:

1. Primary erogenous zones. These are the organs that must be excited to reach an orgasm. In women, the most common erogenous zones are the clitoris and the vagina. The first is excited by caresses and circular movements. As for the vagina, it is only sensitive if the G-spot is found together with the contraction of the vagina wall muscles during penetration. In the case of men, the male primary erogenous zones are located at the level of the glans and the penis. In the same way, stimulation is produced by rubbing with gentle masturbation or penetration.

2. Secondary erogenous zones. They are characterized by certain parts that, when caressed, excite the primary areas which leads to sexual pleasure. However, they are not essential to achieve orgasm. In the woman, they are the pubis, the buttocks, the major and minor lips, the entrance of the vagina, the perineum, the anus and the nipples. In contrast, the secondary erogenous zones of man are the penis, the perineum and the inside of the buttocks. Some men also love caresses on the nipples.

3. Potential erogenous zones. The objective is to produce a set of sensations that stimulate the primary areas and produce vaginal moisture and excitement. These areas have an erotic dimension and vary from one person to another, both at the level of location and intensity. Begin with the neck, the ears, around the nipples … Each one must discover these areas through kisses and gentle caresses …

How to activate the erogenous zones:

As a general rule, in addition to the hands, a very provocative method is the use of the lips to make caresses, breathing, or some external element such as a mask or a feather Tickler and taking sensual play a little further by using a Blindfold. This practice enhances the senses as when you take the sense of sight away the other senses are hightened for a more sensual and erotic experience.

Next, we will see frequent questions about these areas that both excite us and make us lose control.

– Are the erogenous zones the same in everyone? In principle, the erogenous zones are quite similar in all of us, but each one has its own tastes. Finding out is very easy, just ask your partner which parts of their body are more sensitive. If you feel embarrassed, we recommend that you start with kisses and caresses and observe carefully the reactions of your partners body reactions to such stimuli.

– How are the erogenous zones developed? There is an innate and another acquired part, that is, a natural sensitivity in some areas, while other parts of the body are sensitized over time. Some studies have revealed that the physical contact of a mother in her early years influences the sensory perception of the baby. Thus, if a baby has not experienced or caressed without fondness it will not retain these pleasant memories on the skin and will have less confidence in itself. It seems that baby girls receive more caresses and kisses than baby boys which would explain why women have more erogenous zones than men.

– Do caresses in the erogenous zones always produce pleasure? All this depends on the degree of concentration of the person. If you are totally relaxed and ready to receive caresses and attention from your partner, the areas touched will cause much more pleasure and excitement. On the contrary, if you are stressed or worried, your whole body will be defensive and will produce some rejection of this type of stimulus.

How to explore your erogenous zones?

To fully enjoy yourself total relaxation is needed. You can do it yourself through masturbation, or you can also try adding some sex toys that can make you discover new sensations anytime, anywhere.

When the erogenous zones become too sensitive:

Obviously, the erogenous zones are very sensitive, and just as they can give us pleasure, they can cause us unpleasant sensations. That happens when the level of arousal reduces, usually after an orgasm. Therefore, it is advisable not to continue touching these zones immediately after orgasm.  It is important to respect the short period called “refractory”, during which the couple stops being excited and enjoy relaxed moments after sex.

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