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Sexy Calendar Dates to Celebrate

Días sensuales - Sexy Calendar

Sexy Calendar Dates to Celebrate

Like every year, our calendar stands out for its sexy and special days with which to celebrate both alone and as a couple. The sexual world is very wide and varied so a way to know it and learn about it is to celebrate and enjoy it. We all like to feel new experiences and more so if they are pleasant, so what better way to spend an extremely sexual day devoting our whole body to the maximum pleasure.

Next, we will see some sexual dates that we really should start celebrating:

April 6 – Prosecco & Pussy Licking Day: On these days we take the lead role , if we have a partner we will let ourselves succumb by their charms who will make us enjoy the most  pleasure possible with their tongue. For the single ladies, it could be said that this day would be called Dildo and Ice Cream Day.

April 14 – Cup Cake & Cunnilingus Day: On this day, women should enjoy a good cup cake and the best cunnilingus from their partner. For those single ladies, it could be said that this day would be called Cup Cake and Vibrator day.

April 18 – National Anal Sex Day: Experience incredible sensations with anal sex that you can enjoy in any way you chose. You just need a good lubricant and desire to enjoy the maximum pleasure.

April 24 – National Lingerie Day: Ideal day to feel especially sexy with an erotic ensemble under your work clothes Dress sexy and provocatively with beautiful lingerie to which you can show off to the person you desire the most.

June 9 – Dual Pleasure: Also called the 69, it’s a day to enjoy as a couple playing to give each other pleasure and to take each other to incredible orgasms.

June 22 – No Panty Day: Surely many women like to feel free and liberated from wearing underwear at some point in the day. This day is especially for that. To not wear panties during this day is a symbol of liberation and comfort with ourselves.

July 6 – International Kissing Day: This day is recognized throughout the world. An ideal way to be kissing the person you love most all day and night. Surprise them with kisses all over the body, in many different ways. Enjoy this romantic day to shower all your love on your partner.

July 31 – National Orgasm Day: This day says it all, what better way to spend the day full of orgasms both alone and accompanied. The important thing is to reach climax and enjoy intense feelings of pleasure and emotions.

August 5 – National Underwear Day: National Underwear Day is observed annually on August 5th. I’m sure your mother warned you to always wear clean underwear because you never know when you will be in an accident! Embrace your body image use #NationalUnderwearDay to post on social media to encourage others to join in. If you’re  shy type wear your underwear in the house when no one is home.

August 23 – Go Topless Day: August is the perfect month to go to the beach or sunbathe anywhere, this day is considered one of the sexiest since women celebrate it by eliminating shame and going topless sensually showing our Charms proudly to the world.

November 4 – Sex Toys Day: Do you not have yours yet? Find your ideal toy for this day and let yourself be carried away by the magic of new technology in erotic toys for both her and him. You will be surprised!

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