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25 Curiosities that you did not Know about Sex

25 Curiosidades - 25 Curiosities

25 Curiosities that you did not Know about Sex

1. According to numerous studies sexual intercourse promotes better sleep, due to the action of hormones and various brain substances that are generated during sexual intercourse.

2. 10% of the population does not feel any attraction for either sex, that is, they are asexual.

3. A couple who wants to have a child uses an average of five and a half months of unprotected sex before conceiving it.

4. The ovum measures around 0.14 millimeters, a size similar to the bone of an olive, and can be visible to the human eye. This makes it the largest cell in the human body.

5. The sperm take only five minutes to reach the Fallopian tubes, but once there can take up to five days to fertilize an egg.

6. On average, the testes of Europeans are twice as large as those of the Chinese.

7. Women need to complete three stages to reach orgasm: desire or libido, excitement and moisture or lubrication of the genital organs.

8. For a woman to reach orgasm, she usually needs about 15 minutes, unlike the man who usually reaches orgasm between three and five minutes.

9. In the woman the excitement can last only a few minutes or several hours and starts between 10 and 30 seconds after starting erotic stimulation.

10. During sexual arousal, the woman experiences lubrication, expansion and growth of the vagina, as well as swelling of the major and minor vaginal lips clitoris and sinuses, acceleration of the heartbeat, increased blood pressure and rapid breath. In addition, the muscles of the thighs, hips, hands and buttocks begin to tense.

11. The man generates in his whole life about 53 litres of semen and 5% of women are allergic to it.

12. The heart can reach 180 beats per minute during an orgasm.

13. In the world of athletes, who are classified as having the most sexual relations are the basketball players of the NBA.

14. Condoms should be able to stretch 7 times their usual size, as an international standard, and must support 39 newtons. In addition, they have to withstand a minimum of 18 litres of air, before breaking.

15. In a Polynesian village, called Mangaiano, 18-year-old couples have sex on average 3 times a night, every night, until they turn 30, when their average goes down only 14 times per week.

16. 29% of the women are virgins before marriage.

17. The American Indians have, on average, the longest penis in the world, while the Poles have the thickest.

18. According to studies, men have their stage of greater sexual excitement in the mornings during the autumn.

19. Only one man in 400 is flexible enough to give himself oral pleasure.

20. At its maximum excitement, the clitoris doubles its size and the G-spot can become the size of an almond.

21. According to sexologists, some women may experience up to 100 orgasms per hour.

22. According to the Spanish Association of Andrology, ASESA, penises according to their size, are classified as: Small Penis: if it measures between 12 and 13 centimeters; Medium Sized Penis: if it is between 13 and 15 centimeters; Normal Penis: between 15 and 17; Big Penis: between 17 and 20 centimeters; and Macropene: if it measures more than 20 centimeters.

23. 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner’s penis, while only 55% of men are satisfied with the size of their partner.

24. According to experts, Shakespeare used 45 synonyms of the penis in all his works.

25. Every second, about 28 thousand Internet users are watching pornography.

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