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10 Important Things you should know about Oral Sex

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10 Important Things you should know about Oral Sex

Oral sex is practiced more now than ever, but there are those who still have certain prejudices and taboos regarding this sexual act. While some have it fully incorporated as part of their sexual preference, others prefer to avoid it.

“Oral sex is a source of pleasure and it is important that couples can relax and let their inhibitions disappear. There is a lot of ignorance and prejudice regarding this issue and it is important that people are properly informed. People should stop seeing it as something of a taboo and focus on being able to grant pleasure to each other” said the sexologist Diego Pellegrino.

“Encouraging the use of the tongue to explore the body awakening new erogenous zones is a favoured practice to increase and diversify foreplay, and even more so when it includes the genital area”, says Walter Ghedin.

1. Oral sex is a recognized antidepressant.

There are investigations that speak of the antidepressant properties of semen, that is, it contains cortisol, which improves mood in general, but also contains three antidepressants: melatonin, thyrotropin and serotonin.

2. There are animals that practice oral sex.

It is not very frequent, but this sexual behavior has been seen in some species, there are also cases of oral sex among the fruit bats. According to research, if the bat female licks the genitals of the male, the copulation lasts longer.

3. The Origen of the Word.

There are two original Latin words that refer to its practice in a man and a woman as follows; fellatio (from fellare, suck) and cunnilingus (cunnus, wedge, and lingus, tongue).

4. 69% of the world …

A survey conducted by Durex in different parts of the world showed that oral sex is the favorite sexual activity of men and women, with 69% of the population.

5. Oral sex can be good for your health.

It is proven that reaching an orgasm is a way to relieve pain, thanks to the release of oxytocin. It also helps improve cardiovascular health and combat aging. Therefore, oral sex is equally healthy as long as it is done with the necessary precautions.

6. You can get sick from orally transmitted diseases.

Of course, there are some sexually transmitted diseases that you can get when you have oral sex. An example is syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea, or human papillomavirus, among others. But it is also true that the risk is not greater than for other sexual practices. The important thing is to be informed and to use protection.

7. To what extent is oral sex important?

Oral sex is important for both Men and Women, although statistically it is not the most important in the sexual relationship, but it is preferred that oral sex be part of the foreplay. However for men it is extremely important, many men even before having sex already fantasize about oral sex. In reality, there are very few men to whom this practice does not seem relevant.

8. Pills.

There are some pills that change the smell and taste of semen. They are taken as a dietary supplement twice a day, before or after meals, and give the semen a similar taste to apple.

9. Oral sex statistics.

Who practices oral sex more often? Men or women? According to the National Survey of Sexual Health, prepared by the Ministry of Health, 38% of men have had oral sex performed on them in the last twelve months, almost 10% more than women who say they have received oral sex in the last year . This same survey revealed that 33.5% of men practiced oral sex on another person the previous year and, in the case of women, 28% of them also did it. The data also showed that this type of sexual encounters are a very common practice among adolescents as a first approach to sex.

10. Do you know that there are special condoms to practice oral sex?

There are condoms specially designed for oral sex. There are flavoured Condoms with latex and without latex and oral sheaths called Dental Dams.  If you have not used them in your previous practices, it can be a great idea in those relationships that involve a higher risk. The function of condoms for oral sex is to prevent the passage of fluids, since they significantly reduce the possibility of contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

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