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12 Most common types of Fetishes

Fetiches - Fetishes

12 Most common types of Fetishes

The fetishes are much more common than we think and can be an aid to stimulate and enjoy our sex life in a fuller way.

Sexual fetishes are practices that are characterized by provoking excitement or orgasms through the use of objects, substances or using a particular part of the body. Fetishism is a common practice that can improve the sexual experience. In some cases it becomes a recurrent and necessary behavior for sexual arousal, so, fetishism is considered a pathological disorder.

Most common fetishes:


It is one of the most popular fetishes, especially in the population under the age of 40. Piercings often adorn parts of the body that facilitate sexual arousal. The most usual and most stimulating parts are:

  • The nipples
  • The genital areas
  • The lips
  • The Tongue
  • The belly button

People who are attracted to these elements can feel a strong sexual arousal just by seeing them in the other person.

2. Hair

Fetishism by the hair, known as tricofilia, is quite common, especially in men.

These are excited by direct contact with the hair, or by a particular color, hairstyle or style. Women, on the other hand, may be attracted to the beard, the mustache or the chest hair.

3. Shoes

Very usual fetish also called highcalcifilia, that is, sexual arousal by female footwear. Men can get to have a sexual relationship without the woman taking off her shoes (usually, they are high heels).

4. Leather

The use of leather items during sexual intercourse is one of the most well-known fetishes throughout the world. Currently, they are found in all the erotic shops, clubs and conventions for those who use and attract this type of garments.

Leather has become a universal sexual symbol, related to BDSM practices. These are usually accompanied by accessories such as:

  • Mask
  • Whips
  • Handcuffs
  • Underwear
  • Dress up

5. Lingerie

Lingerie tends to produce some excitement in most men. These garments are designed to highlight the sensuality and eroticism of women, which makes them more desirable and attractive to them.

Many men, prefer that their partner wears erotic lingerie like stockings, garters or bras while having sex.

6. Dress Up

The use of dress up is a fetish that helps to get out of the routine during sex. These elements help to be carried away by the imagination, and both men and women have the ability to fantasize and take their excitement to another level. By using them you can assume roles or different personalities, depending on the creativity of each one.


Voyeurism is a sexual practice that almost everyone has practiced.

It refers to the enjoyment and pleasure that many have when seeing other people naked or having sex. Some only feel excitement when the other person is not aware that they are watching. Others, on the other hand, enjoy much more when they are authorized spectators.

In addition, this fetish includes excitement when watching adult movies.

8. Submission and domination

Submission and domination are part of the most common sexual fantasies, especially after the success of the movie 50 Shades of Grey.

In order for these games, which involve the practice of sadomasochism, to be considered a fetish, they must include a taste for the use of various sex toys:

  • Handcuffs
  • Whips
  • Leather outfits
  • Collars

These accessories are a great help to stimulate and enjoy our sexuality to the fullest.

9. Latex

These people experience great sexual pleasure when their partner wears latex garments or other bright and tight materials. For some people they like to feel this material, for others, just by smelling it is  enough

10. Breasts and Backs. Men are programmed to look at these areas as a symbol of fertility. Men with this specific fetish must have direct contact with these tributes in order to reach the climax.

11. Transvestism

In this case, the fetishist has the need to wear clothes of the opposite sex or feels sexually attracted to someone who does. This fetish is common between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Knowing that they are wearing these types of garments can lead to great excitement.

12. Water

Water is a fetish between men and women because only listening to the sound of running water is all they need to be aroused. Some women may find themselves excited by the sound of lightning to increase their sexual desire.

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