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13 Types of Sexuality

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13 Types of Sexuality

To study sexuality completely, there are five elements that must be taken into account: sex, gender, emotional bonding, eroticism (desire) and reproduction.

1. Heterosexual: Physical or emotional attraction by people of the opposite sex.

Considered by the majority as ‘normal’, today it is only the most common or most visible option in society imposed by archaic traditions of ancient generations. The heterosexual person feels physical or emotional attraction for people of the opposite sex, that is, when a man likes women or a woman likes a man.

2. Homosexual: Physical or emotional attraction by people of the same sex.

The term ‘homos’ is a Greek word meaning ‘equal’. A homosexual person in the case of boys is called ‘gay’, while the term for relations between women is ‘lesbian’. Unfortunately there are different words that are sometimes used to refer to this group and have a derogatory character.

3. Bisexual: Physical or emotional attraction for both sexes.

Many studies claim that we are all born with a bisexual condition. Since the very beginning there are proven facts of bisexual practices in civilizations as important as Greece or Rome. This would be the broadest option since being bisexual is identified with people who feel physical or emotional attraction for both sexes, both men and women.

4. Transsexual: Have a biological sex but identify with the opposite sex.

Affected people adopt life styles similar to those of the gender of their sexual identity. Sometimes there are people who are born in the wrong bodies and to deal with that problem there are treatments and operations to make you be as you really feel. To achieve this, hormones or estrogens can be taken, so that the body is transformed little by little until the sex change operation arrives.

5. Asexual: They do not feel sexual attraction for either sex.

There are asexual people who have no sexual life because they do not have sexual orientation, they do not have a sexual preference although they can have a partner without becoming ‘intimate’ or feel the slightest attraction for the other.

6. Pansexual: They are attracted to the personality regardless of their sexual orientation or physical appearance.

These individuals do not look at the physical or how you are on the outside, they only look at the personality of the human being regardless of the outline that surrounds him.

7. Antrosexual: They do not know their sexual orientation and they are attracted to anyone.

Often the terms pansexual and antrosexual are confused, they may seem the same but they are very different. While the pansexual individual knows that they are attracted to all types of sexuality, antrosexuals do not know their sexual orientation but at the same time they are attracted to any person.

8. Demisexual: There is only sexual attraction if there is emotional attraction.

That is, they do not get carried away by appearances. But the bond does not have to be only romantic and typical of a couple, there can also be a certain sexual desire, for example, in a very strong friendship.

9. Sapiosexual: Attracted by any human being who has great intelligence.

They are people who are attracted to anyone (it does not matter if you are a man or a woman) as long as you have a great sex.

10. Graysexual: Live between the asexual and the sexual.

The name graysexual is about someone who lives between sexuality and asexuality. They can be men or women of any sexual condition, simply that sometimes you can have sexual desire to be with someone and then go through a stage where you do not want to be or do anything with anyone.

11. Metrosexual: Men obsessed with hygiene, health, fitness and physical appearance.

More than a sexual orientation, it is a condition chosen by the individual as a way of life. These men are characterized by taking great care of their physical appearance, crushed in the gym, go to the hairdresser to care for their hair, are obsessed with hygiene, health and cleanliness and are up to date with the latest trends in fashion.

12. Lumbersexual: Attracted by the myth of the lumberjack with a beard and plaid shirt.

The metrosexual has little by little given way to a new style that many people, the lumbersexual, are attracted to. They are men characterized with the prototype of a lumberjack style, they usually wear beards, check shirts, jeans and a somewhat disheveled look although they take care of their image.

13. Spornosexual: His only hope is to publish his body on all social networks.

Very fashionable among people always connected by social networks, the Internet and technology. If the metrosexual was already interested in marking muscles and going to the gym; the spornosexual is the one who likes to brag about it. It is a somewhat narcissistic individual whose only illusion is public.

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