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Most common types of Filias and Paraphilias

Filias y Parafilias - Filias and Paraphilias

Most common types of Filias and Paraphilias

There are several types of philia and paraphilias that define certain sexual attractions towards situations or things that many people experience. Next, we will know its meaning and some of the most common examples in our society.

Definition of Philia and Paraphilia:

The word “Filia” comes from the Greek “Philos”, whose translation is “love” or “friendship”. It is usually used as a suffix to designate the hobby or intense taste for a particular element, which may or may not be of a sexual nature.

Paraphilias are patterns of sexual behavior in which desire, excitement or pleasure depend mostly on atypical elements.

Paraphilias are harmless if they do not involve the discomfort of any person, so that in many it is only a sexual preference. This usually happens in fetishism (excited by an object or part of the body), among other philia.

The 15 most common Philias:

1. Ailurophilia

It is love and special attraction for cats. This love is accompanied by feelings of admiration, fascination and pleasure that is felt to care for them and enjoy their company.

Those who have ailurophilia have a great sense of respect, affection and commitment to felines.

2. Astraphilia

It is the attraction for thunder, lightning and lightning. Astraphiles are people who feel pleasure or emotion when they hear, see or feel lightning, and lightning flashes.

3. Self-love

It is the love of loneliness. It is the feeling or the feeling of wanting to be alone, for the pleasure of doing it and feeling good in your own company.

4. Canophyly

It’s the love of dogs. Currently, it is valued as a sport in which a group of fans gather to improve the breeds of dogs that are useful to man, such as dogs for the handicapped, disaster relief and police dogs.

5. Cinephilia

They are those people who are passionate about cinema, it is the passion for moving images. In saying, it is the love for art of cinematography.

Normally moviegoers, in addition to watching numerous films, know the history of cinema, the names of directors, actors, producers, know about affairs of entertainment, film genres and criticism.

Cinephilia is a relatively new hobby that emerged at the same time as cinema.

6. Clinophilia

It’s the pleasure of being in bed all the time, it’s one of the most common and it’s the people who really love lying in a bed.

It is a term used especially in psychiatry and psychology to name the predisposition of a patient to stay in bed for many hours of the day, without there being a disease that justifies it.

The clinophilia is one of the most common actions that humans do, at the time we feel depressed or melancholy.

7. Stigmatomyphilia

It is the love or fascination for tattoos and piercings and in general for the art of marking the body. Stigmatophilics are often attracted to tattoos, piercings and scars.

In some cases, the stigmatophilic is attracted to the pain caused by these marks or perforations and is also often attracted to people who have them.

8. Neophilia

It is the attraction for the new or exotic, also refers to those people who show a compulsive attraction to the latest technology objects, very common among hackers and science fiction lovers.

Neophiles adapt quickly to an extreme change, they are revolutionary by nature.

They abhor tradition and repetition, they usually feel a deep emotional need for constant change and novelty.

9. Pogonophilia

It is the exaggerated attraction or fascination for the beards. The beard has become one of the greatest preferences of our times.

In addition, several surveys have shown that most women are more attracted to men with beards. In some cases this attraction can even become a fetish.

10. Retrophilia

It is the attraction for ancient things, it also refers to those people who like to store and collect old objects or previous generations, such as the fact of keeping objects from childhood.

11. Selenophilia

It is love and fascination for the moon. The selenophiles wait for the full moon night, enjoy observing it, know their cycles perfectly and do deep studies of it.

12. Turophilia

It’s the love of cheese. The passion for cheese is something that goes beyond a simple food taste. A scientific study compares cheese addiction to drug addiction because dairy products release a protein that causes effects similar to those of opiates.

13. Thalassophilia

It is the fascination for the oceans and the seas, the thalasophils are those who feel safe and pleasant near the sea, depending on it to be happy.

They are attracted to its horizon and everything related to the oceans.

14. Nictophilia

It is the attraction at night and darkness. Nicotophilic people feel relaxed or comfortable in the dark.

The nictophília is not only a rarity by which the level of happiness is much greater during the nights. Nictóphilos usually isolate themselves from the outside world, focusing on their own interests waiting for the night to arrive.

15. Xenophilia

It is the love for foreign people, the admiration for culture, traditions and people from other countries. People with xenophilia demonstrate a very cordial and affectionate treatment abroad.

These subjects expect to know different cultures through the people who come from them, so they also have an open mind to understand the customs of each place.

Types of Paraphilia and its characteristics:

1. Asphyxophilia

It is one of the few dangerous paraphilias, since it stimulates excitement by reducing the level of oxygen, through behaviors close to the strangulation, which can be fatal.

If oxygen does not reach the brain and the person faints, it can die if it is not released in time. Asphyxophilia consists in obtaining pleasure with the sensation of drowning.

2. Exhibitionism

This paraphilia consists of excitement and sexual pleasure by showing parts of the body, usually the genitals, to other people.

It is frequent that the intensity of exhibitionist behavior increases with practice, and may become compulsive.

3. Fetish

Fetishism is the sexual preference for material objects, such as a garment, or specific parts of the body.

For the fetishist the object is really much more exciting than the person itself. Fetishism is considered a harmless practice.

4. Froteurism

This is a paraphilia that is to achieve sexual pleasure by rubbing the genitals or another part of the body against the body of another person without their approval. Normally it occurs in places where there are many people, such as public transport, nightclubs …

5. Gerontophilia

The gerontofilia is the sexual preference by people of the third age or of advanced age.

If the attraction is given to elderly males it is known as alphamegamia, whereas if the object of desire is female it is matronolagnia.

6. Sexual masochism

Masochism includes sexual pleasure when obtaining physical damage, humiliation or any other type of suffering. It is the most common paraphilia in women, and is associated with sadism.

7. Necrophilia

It is a paraphilia or psychological behavior characterized by the sexual act of the living with the dead.

Necrophilous people feel a strong sexual attraction for the dead, these include a series of abnormal behaviors such as the separation of the entire community surrounding the necrophile.

8. Pedophilia

It is the sexual predilection for people who have not yet reached puberty. The difference with pedophilia is that this term indicates the practice of child abuse behaviors, while pedophilia can also refer to impulses or frequent fantasies that have not been fulfilled.

9. Sexual sadism

Sadistic people enjoy sexually with the idea or practice of harming others. Currently, there are many sadistic people who only fulfill their fantasies with people who consent to it.

10. Troilism

Troilism consists in sharing the sexual partner with another person, while a third individual observes intercourse.

It can also involve two couples who have sex at the same time. Usually the troilista can not perform intercourse, unless he participates in the sharing experience.

11. Voyeurism

It is that pleasure to look at naked people or who are having sex. Voyeurism is the act of observing and not the fact of maintaining a sexual relationship with the person observed.

12. Zoophilia

It is a paraphilia that consists in the sexual attraction of a human towards an animal.

Individuals who feel this affinity or sexual attraction are known as zoophilic, but are also known as zoosexuals. The zoophilia is especially frequent in rural environments and in psychiatric patients.

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