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What we Should Know about Sex to get the Most out of it


What we Should Know about Sex to get the Most out of it

Sex is a very important part of our lives and in our relationships, but it is still a taboo in our society and although it is an issue that interests us all, it is hard for us to talk about it in public and sometimes, also in private.

There are several aspects that we should keep in mind in order to have a more satisfying sexual life and full of comfort and pleasure.

1. To reach your own first orgasm. Very few people are lucky enough to start their sex life with someone who is able to teach you what your body is like. You may find it much easier to achieve an orgasm alone than with a partner, especially if it is new.

2. Using a vibrator is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to stimulate your clitoris. Women who use them on a regular basis have a greater libido, reaching orgasm more easily and have less sexual dysfunction.

3. Only 20% of women achieve orgasm through intercourse.

4. If your lover does not know how to kiss, it will be a bad choice in bed, since he probably does not know how to stimulate you enough to take you to climax.

5. The male sexual system is simple but the feminine is complex, that is, your sex life will be much better if you go out with someone with a libido similar to yours. After the initial passion, we must adjust to our real needs.

6. Everyone can be good in bed, but you need some experience and be willing to give and accept criticism and advice.

7. The chances of you and your partner reaching the climax at the same time are very small, but there are always incredibly pleasurable exceptions.

8. If you want to try with a threesome, do it with someone you are not in love with. Otherwise it will be very difficult to avoid jealousy.

9. If your partner asks you to try something new, it does not mean he is bored. Variety and experiencing new things is necessary in every relationship.

10. Both  men and women enjoy foreplay so they are very necessary in every sexual encounter to stimulate all our senses.

11. You should not confuse love with lust. We only practice sex a small part of our life, but love is always present in a relationship.

12. Oral sex is not very effective if you do not also use your hands, show your partner what excites you. And ask him how he likes it. This will stimulate both your erogenous zones.

13. You should both try and research how many more ways for you both to reach an orgasm and  have more orgasms. Introduce and try new things that you would not have ever considered.

14. The first time you make love marks you forever. If your experience was not satisfactory, and you keep thinking about it, a therapist can help you see sex in another way.

15. The erections come and go during the sexual act, this does not mean that the man is not enjoying, most likely he is focusing on you and keeping play going for longer.

16. As many men as women see porn. But you can not let it negatively affect your relationship by waiting for things that are not available to both.

17. Stop worrying about your weight. Men care less about your body than you do, they do not think you’re fat, they just think about grabbing you.

18. All sexual positions are variations of the five basic ones: he above, she on top, side, back and standing.

19. If the woman never starts the sexual act, her partner will think that you only make love to please him and not because she feels like it.

20. Women want to make more love during a certain time of the month. Her libido acts depending on the menstrual cycle, and it is something that’s easy to understand in couples.

21. Erection problems are common among men and can suffer for many reasons: stress, medication, age, alcohol … In any case, can make you reach orgasm without the need for an erection.

22. Sex with your partner changes over time and it’s never the same as doing it with someone for the first time, but that does not mean it’s worse.

23. Sex is about giving and taking. Not always the effort should be reciprocal but if you just lay down and receive it means that you are a selfish lover, and that is not sexy or attractive.

24. It is advisable to talk about your fantasies with your partner. What is in your imagination and what you would like to do in sex could come true one day. So make these things happen and try something new.

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