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Things that maybe you did not know about Kamasutra


Things that maybe you did not know about Kamasutra

The Kamasutra is an ancient Hindu book that deals with the sexual behaviors of men and women and tries to improve sexual relationships through different positions. The Kamasutra was written by Vatsiaiana and is considered as the founding book of love with its different editions.

The aim of Vatsiaiana was not only to explain the multiple ways of enjoying sex as a couple, but also to teach how to handle strong feelings such as desire and love, how to learn to seduce, how to have confidence / confidence in yourself, how to deal with women or how to get to marriage among other issues.

The first books of the Kamasutra were illustrated by hand, whereas now we can find real photos even illustrative videos to better understand the art of loving. The Kamasutra is composed of 36 chapters that have 7 different themes and each of them is specialized in different sections: kissing and sexual games, choosing a wife, the wife of others, … There is also a lesbian version, where there is a practical manual to learn to love among women.

The Kamasutra and its postures:

Vatsiaiana affirmed that there are 8 basic ways of making love and 8 main positions. The Kamasutra has a total of 64 arts, a name given to the way of making love in a position. Some positions of the Kamasutra are very famous, like the position of the missionary, the position of the lady, the position of the wheelbarrow, the position of the lotus flower or the position of the scissors. Whatever your tastes or needs, the Kamasutra offers you a multitude of postures to change, entertain and enjoy sex.

5 best positions of the Kamasutra:

1. Spooning: This position is a variant of the known position of spooning highly recommended for the most romantic and mellow couples. The man approaches the woman from behind, leaning both sideways on the bed, she folds her legs and brings her knees up slightly. The intimacy that is achieved with the posture, together with the friction that targets the G Spot causes many women to reach climax in a matter of a few minutes.

2. The missionary: For a long time this classic sexual position has been discredited by the supposed “passivity” of women. But it is one of the most common postures in all couples and that gives greater pleasure to both.

3. Amazona: The woman sits sideways on one of her partner’s thighs and rides the  penetration. This position is recommended for males suffering from premature ejaculation.

4. Lotus flower: The man should sit cross-legged and the woman straddles the front of him, the man holds her buttocks directing rhythm and the movements correctly.

5. Doggy Style: The woman is placed on all fours while he penetrates from behind. It is usually the favorite of both since it causes great excitement and intense orgasms. This position is the typical one that we can observe in most animals.

Some curiosities of the Kamasutra:

  1. The Kamasutra was written by a religious Hindu: party “Vatsiaiana”. The legends tell that he spent his childhood in a brothel where one of his aunts worked and there he began to become familiar with the arts of sex and seduction.
  2. It consists of 36 chapters and deals with 7 different themes, these are: Sex in general, the sexual act in a detailed way, the choice of a wife, the behavior of a wife, the seduction of the wives of other men, the courtesans or prostitutes and how to attract other people.
  3. Describing 64 sexual positions in total: All these are variants of 8 basic postures to make love. For Vatsiaiana it was essential that lovers discover their partner’s explosive pleasure zones.


The enjoyment of bodies, beauty, sensuality and sexuality, are totally natural human acts that are practiced since time began, those who should continue practicing only freely and voluntarily, so that their only result is pleasure, food of the body, soul and spirit of man.

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