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The double use of Underwear


The double use of Underwear

Underwear, like any type of fashion, evolved over time in its aesthetics and its use. It stopped being used only as an intimate garment of feminine protection and it became an ideal fetish garment for any outfit with which to go out with.

For many years exhibiting underwear was considered in poor taste. The underwear was about hiding and dark colors were chosen to be opaque under daily clothes.

Bettie Page, sexy icon of the ’50s for her voluptuous figure, black hair and blue eyes, was one of the pioneers in imposing the use of lingerie like corset wear  and different sets of sexy underwear.

Madonna, the queen of pop, was the one who introduced in the ’90s the double use of underwear. She was also identified as the pioneer of the use of the corset as a sensual female garment. Silk, satin and lace garments,  accompanied her on her world tours.

After this, the lingerie came to occupy a leading role in women’s clothing. Transparent clothing and the use of bodices over shirts and tops as well as the wearing of nighties and baby dolls became a fashion that many influential women of the time began to use and wear during the day on the street.

In 2016, the superimposition of garments was raging, where bralettes, laceless bodices, and push up bras and bikinis were worn over white T shirts and tops, predominated. Celebrities and models like Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Emily Ratajkowski, Selena Gomez and Rihanna were the first to join the trend.

Next, we will highlight some models and designs of lingerie that cause a furor in current fashion:

  1. Bodies: In its beginnings it was the ideal intimate garment to show your figure and body outline under see through clothing showing a flawless silhouette, but now, it can be worn for both day and night, including transparent swimsuit designs.
  2. Bralette: it is one of the best garments that women choose in layering clothing. They Mostly tend to be lace and in various shades. These garments tend to be  considered the sexiest for their transparency, revealing more skin.
  3. Chemises & Satin Nighties: Were the classic satin nightgowns that were used in the 90s. Currently, it has stopped being a simple nightie and became a cool dress and ideal to combine with an endless amount of accessories and garments.
  4. Corset: Moldes and adjusts to the torso and bust of the woman to highlight her figure.
  5. Stockings: Always worn with suspenders and garter belts. If you like to show off your leg, some fishnet or fancy stockings can be your perfect ally. Do not worry if  your suspenders are visible, its sexy and seductive.

The result of all these sexy and feminine garments, grant a different look to the lingerie, giving greater freedom in the composition of fashion sets and accessories.

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