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Types of Anal Toys

Anal Toys

Types of Anal Toys

Important tips to keep in mind before using your anal toys:

Before starting with anal intercourse one of the most important things to prepare for is the hygiene aspect. Thorough  cleaning is necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises during the throws of passion. Anal douches are simple, cheap and effective for an internal clean. Preferably two hours before intercourse. Use hot water to relax the sphincter and then wash the eternal parts as usual. Once clean, it is advisable to take into account the following steps:

Use lubricants: The anus is an area that lacks natural lubrication, so it is important for a pleasant and comfortable experience that a good amount of anal lubricant is applied. You will find  there are two types of lubricants. Water based and  silicone lubricants. For anal sex, the silicone lubricant is always recommended, as it does not dry, so there is no need to constantly add more lubrication; in addition, the glide  is much smoother than with the water-based lubricant. If you opt for silicone lubricant make sure that the toy is not silicone, as it is not compatible and will damage it. If the toy you have chosen is silicone, opt for water-based lubricants, since it is compatible with silicone toys and it is easier to clean.

Use toys designed for anal sex: This is very important to avoid accidents and practice safe sex. Anal toys have a flared or wider base or ring to prevent the toy from sliding inward as the sphincter muscles contract involuntarily and can pull the toy inward. If this happens, you will need medical attention for its extraction. So, you have to make sure first of all that your chosen anal toy is properly designed so that this does not happen when used.

Use the right size and shape: It will depend on your previous experience and your ability to relax the anal sphincter. For the first experiences small size plugs are recommended and if possible with conical shape since it is easier to insert. Little by little, you will become familiar with the sensations of anal play and begin to use toys of greater thickness and size.

Types of anal toys:

There are different anal toys designs and shapes that you can enjoy according to your preferences and tastes:

Anal plugs: They are small anal dildos shaped like a stopper and a flared base so that it is safe to leave it in place without there being any danger of it slipping inwards. There are different sizes and materials, although the most sought after are the non-porous materials as they do not accumulate bacteria, such as silicone that offers a silky and very flexible touch or the glass or metal plugs that give unique sensations during play if heated in hot water or cooled in cold water.

Anal or Thai Chinese balls: Perfect to dilate the anus little by little. Insert them inside and then pull to extract the balls just before reaching orgasm. With this practice the orgasm is intensified and will last longer.

Anal Dilators: They are a set of plugs and miniplugs to achieve the dilation that we want.

Anal Vibrators: They are ideal for more advanced users, since the complete vibration entensifies the sensations of anal pleasure.

Inflatable Plugs: They are dildos that have a manometer to progressively expand inside the anus.

Prostate Stimulator: A prostrate  stimulator is recommended to experience new forms of male anal pleasure, as it will reach the male P Spot (prostate gland ) which is a very erogenous zone for a man. Stimulation of the prostate gland will give incredible sensations and a very powerful orgasm. Ideal for more advanced users. But worth building up to!

Anal Kits and Anal play: There are a series of anal kits that are perfect for beginners because in them there is a small sample of the wide variety of toys that exists to discover the world of anal play.

Once you are clear with what toy you want to start with for anal stimulation you just have to practice. And find what works for you.

Steps to use anal toys:

1. Relax and get comfortable: Whether you are a beginner or not, it is essential that you find yourself relaxed  before starting. It is possible to enjoy an anal experience naturally and without fear of pain. This physical and mental relaxation will be of great help.

2. Dilate progressively: It is essential for beginner users to achieve adequate and necessary dilation to enjoy their toy. This is achieved thanks to the anal dilators and also with the inflatable plugs. The dilators are plugs of different thickness and length with which  will help you quickly achieve the dilation that you are looking for.

3. Introduce your anal toy: Once you have chosen a good quality lubricant to add to the chosen toy introduce the toy and play with it, move it, experiment to activate its vibration if it has or simply leave it inside during oral sex or any play.

4. Experiment various routines: Anal toys are perfect because many of them can be left inside while stimulating other areas: vaginal intercourse, clitoral stimulation, penis masturbation, etc. It will intensely enrich any sexual practice you choose.

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