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What is Squirting?


What is Squirting?

“Squirting” This term has almost always been fashionably present in porn movies: squirting refers to the ejaculation of women. In English, squirt means “jet”, it is not an orgasm that we are used to seeing or experiencing, but it is about when the woman secretes liquids, literally, “squirted” out of her vagina.

When women reach climax, some may inadvertently experience an abundant discharge of fluid from the urethra. This liquid should not be confused with conventional female ejaculation (a small amount of milky white liquid), if not with an abundant amount of aqueous fluid.

This liquid is composed of glucose, prostatic acid phosphatase and prostate specific antigen, in addition to urea and creatine, according to specialists.

It is not an incontinence, but a natural response of the body. All women produce it, however it can vary in quantity and duration, from small drops to very abundant secretions.

The longer the orgasm is, the longer the time of ejaculation will be. For specialists, female ejaculation has a protective function against possible infections.

Female erogenous zones to stimulate ejaculation in women:

Clitoris: the correct stimulation with soft caresses, circular movements, kisses, make this point one of the most sensitive.

Neck: a soft kiss or bite activates the senses, ideal for foreplay.

Breasts: As delicate as the clitoris. According to Eastern philosophy it is the starting point for sexual energy to flow properly.

Belly: It’s  proximity to the intimate area makes it a very sensitive area to touch and caresses.

Mouth: the secret is in the kiss, it seems a simple demonstration of affection but playing with the lips, the tongue and the breath stimulates the desire. When we kiss passionately we also awaken the sense of smell and the chemistry of the couple is activated.

Finally, according to the scientific journal Journal of Sexual Medicine, a French team led by Dr. Samuel Salama, from Hopital Privé de Parly II, chose seven healthy volunteers, who indicated having abundant fluid secretions during orgasm, to be examined during sexual stimulation.

After the examinations, urine samples were observed in the squirting, that is, all the women had an empty bladder before the sexual arousal, but the urine collected before the squirting showed that the bladder was filling up. The urine samples collected after the squirting showed that the bladders had been emptied again, in this way the origin of the liquid was demonstrated.

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