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Swinging: An alternative of Love Relationship


Swinging: An alternative of Love Relationship

Today, more and more couples opt for partner swapping  of partners to have an open relationship in which each partner enjoys watching their partner have sex with another or having open group sex in a controlled environment. This is also known as swinging.

What is the exchange of couples or swinging about?

The exchange of couples is a sexual lifestyle by which we exchange our partner for another to have sex or activities related to sex.

But it is not as simple as it seems, swinger couples (those who exchange partners) have a protocol, which includes visiting a club or swinger party and exchanging with local people following the rules of the couple.

The clubs or swinger parties are places that seek to give a space and an environment for these type of meetings, which start and end there during the same night.

There are currently more than 600 such places in Europe and the practice of the exchange of couples is now moving to specialized websites and social networks.

How this type of relationship works?

Each couple that decides to be a swinger goes as far as they want, and this includes everything from seduction to sex itself. The swingers who come to these types of environments love it and are excited to see how other couples look at their partners, and desire them. It is the first step of couple exchange, and there are those who only reach this point to observe how their partner is the center of desire for others.

Then there are other things that can be done in a swinger party:

  1. The soft swinger or soft exchange allows kisses, caresses and in some cases oral sex with the other person, but penetration is not reached.
  2. Full swap or complete exchange, which is when a couple really exchanges with another.
  3. And finally, there are people who prefer to watch while their partner has sex or just observe how other couples have sex. This is called a voyeur.

Characteristics to be a swinger:

The most important thing to be able to do a couples exchange is to respect the agreement you have made with your partner. You can get to the point you want in swinging, but respecting and agreeing on what you do is fundamental.

This is why having an open relationship is not as simple as it seems, since you need to have a high degree of emotional maturity, responsibility and respect between the couple to not affect the relationship.

The unbreakable laws of the exchange of couples are:

  • Never break the rules that have been agreed with the couple.
  • Always think about the others well being at all times.
  • Do not forget the importance of each other’s  pleasure.
  • Keep in mind that enjoyment is for both of you, so do nothing without your partner.

Benefits of the exchange of couples:

The exchange of partners has as many negative points as there are positive points, according to the perspective with which you look at it.

Many couples who have tried it and have emerged victorious from the attempt, through the swinger parties have been able to break the monotony and routine after many years, even if the approach to exchange is just observe or be observed. The fact of participating in this allows awakening again the desire and passion.

At the same time, there is greater freedom and transparency between couples, since communication is so important in them to get close to the exchange of partners, they can talk quietly about their fantasies. This same freedom and better communication is transferred to other scenarios of life as a couple.

Disadvantages of the exchange of couples:

There is also the other side of the coin, in which the exchange of partners has become the source of problems because of jealousy and distrust, even breaking relationships. That is why there is so much importance in dedicating responsibility to the couple, maintaining a clear communication and sufficient emotional maturity to be able to live this lifestyle without affecting the affective bond of the couple.

When couples are not well established, with a strong bond and excellent communication, insecurities, fears and jealousy may appear after a swinger encounter.

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