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SEX AT HALLOWEEN! Trick or Treat?

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SEX AT HALLOWEEN! Trick or Treat?

In this article I am going to talk about one of the most terrifying festivities of the year, Halloween. Costumes, sweets, and most of all a lot of fun. It`s the one night that helps us escape the daily routine which could become quite boring. We all know what this is about: dressing up, going house to house looking for sweets with or without your kids and then having a big party fueled by sugar.

However, the night doesn’t finish there, we are no longer children, so it’s time to up the ante, explore new things that will help you to relax, have fun and surprise your partner.

If you are interested in knowing more about how you could improve your sexual relationship by using this festivity as an excuse, this is your chance.

You know the phrase “The brain is the biggest sexual organ”, well that is true, and to be able to have a full sexual experience, simultaneous work of every part of the brain is necessary. In short, the brain is a perfect tool which help us obtain a healthy sexual and satisfactory life. That is why it is important to stimulate it.

A good way to stimulate the most precious organ we have is through ROLE PLAY, especially for those who are shyer and more insecure, that would be the best way to unleash your fantasies and to try the things that you don’t usually do.

Do you have a fetish? Take this hidden fantasy and make it become reality!

A good idea would be dressing up in sexy costumes, dress up as you desire and surprise your partner. And what better occasion than at Halloween, the perfect excuse to experiment and have fun. Who would you like to be: doctor, nurse, police, cat woman or even a dominatrix? It’s a matter of trying, there is no limit for ideas.

Accessories are as important as costumes, since those add more realism to your story and help you to get better into your role. You already know that the small things make the biggest difference. If you are a cop you would need good handcuffs; A bunny girl is nothing without her ears; and if you are tired of being a housewife, just be other kind of wife, take the whip and show him who is the boss.

And finally, we come to my favorite part of Halloween, Trick or Treat! They could be the same or “either you give me sweets or I am going to egg your house”.

Well, here the treat could be your own body. For those who love sweets and don’t miss a single candy, this is my suggestion: if you want something sweet just add some flavored lube on your partner and you know… Let’s eat!

Personally, I recommend Plaisir Secret, a massage oil for all your body and it comes in a big variety of flavours; and what flavours! We have chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, crème brulee, and many more. I assure you that with these ones the human body will become your favorite candy.

However, these are not the only ones, since you can find a big selection of flavoured gels or lubricants which could give your favorite person the taste that you desire.

In short, sexual experiments are always positive, adding fun through role play, costumes and flavours can be something that will stimulate your brain and most definitely improve your sex life.

And if you enjoyed the experience, there are no rules when you can experiment, you can repeat it any day of the year!

So, what do you say? Trick or treat?

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