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For those who do not know it, anal sex can produce intense pleasure for both men and women.

In the case of men, it is even more pleasant, since the male G-spot is in the prostate (P-spot). It is a gland located at the end of the urethra and in contact with the walls of the rectum. This gland is responsible for erection, orgasm and ejaculation in men. Prostate massage involves the stimulation of the male prostate gland, which is in charge of producing a transparent fluid that is secreted to accompany ejaculation. In addition, prostate movements stimulate sperm movement which causes quick and easy orgasms. In other words, stimulating the area directly through the anus can produce intense orgasms, even ejaculating without stimulating the penis.

However, massaging the prostate not only produces sexual pleasures, but it is also beneficial for the area’s health. For example, it helps keeping the excretory system healthy, as the movement of the urethra favors a higher urine frequency, so that no residue is retained in the kidneys. It also promotes fertility, in addition to a healthy gland that can prevent future problems; such as the appearance of tumors in the area.

In the case of women, it is true that we are reluctant to try or practice anal sex because of the fear of the pain it may cause us. However, if prepared and practiced properly it can produce unexpected pleasures.

We all know that the majority of women’s climaxes are achieved through the clitoris, but we will also agree that foreplay is very important to achieve orgasm in women. And why not introduce anal sex as foreplay?

The anus has many nerve endings which, when stimulated properly (caresses, tongue, toys, etc.), can produce some pleasure and intensify the clitoral orgasm. As many women say, the combination between anal sex and clitoral stimulation produces a more complete and pleasant sensation.

Recommendations when practicing anal sex!

Starting from the fact that we already know that the first experience can be painful, if we use some appropriate steps, it should not be a negative experience.

First of all, it is important to know that a significant amount of lubricant must be used. The anus does not produce any natural lubrication by itself, so we must be generous with these gels. It would also be a good idea to do an anal cleanse (anal douche) to avoid any unpleasant surprises. These accessories or anal showers, not only serve to clean your intimate areas, but also to prepare us for the act itself. Well, with the anal shower, you clean the area, but also by introducing the accessory you make the area open and more relaxed for anal sex later on.

Now, there are a variety of anal toys to enjoy when practicing sex. We can find them in different materials, sizes and shapes depending on personal tastes.

For a first experience, it would be advisable to use a small, silicone, conical shaped anal plug, as this helps the dilation of the anus. Do not forget that if we opt for a silicone toy we must use a water-based lubricant, since a silicone lubricant will spoil the toy.

As we gain experience in the field, we could increase the size of the toy, change the material or even add toys with vibration.

We have anal plugs shaped and designed to easily reach the points that interest us and can also be worn whilst having sex to increase pleasure. Plugs can also be worn during the day or night by people who want to feel a sense of fullness and stimulation during their normal daily routines. We can also find the so-called anal beads; these are anal toys with balls that are increasing in size as they are introduced into the anus. Many say that using these toys together with masturbation or giving oral pleasure on your partner whilst introducing anal beads produces a very intense and stimulating pleasure. Usually, these anal beads have a place in which a vibrating bullet can be introduced and thus we would obtain a vibrating toy.

When it comes to stimulating the prostate, prostate massagers are highly recommended. We talk about vibrating toys designed to stimulate the prostate gland, the canal of the rectum and the perineum at the same time. You can find these toys of different sizes, materials, with batteries, rechargeable, with different speeds, etc.

Finally, we must warn that we should only use toys intended for anal sex, that is, with their corresponding flared base and hypoallergenic materials. The anus, unlike the vagina, can absorb the objects, hence the importance of the base of the toy is that it will help us to extract the toy from the area.


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