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In this article I will talk about lubricants and why it is advisable to use them during sexual intercourse. We will talk about why saliva is not a great lubricant and how it can be an irritant.

Firstly, I think it is important to explain what lubricants are. If you search in the dictionary, internet, etc. we are explained that it is an oily substance that is applied to engines and motors in order to create less friction. Well, the same goes for the human body. Making sex more enjoyable and less painful, we need a substance that allows us an easier glide during our most intimate play. Many of you know that sometimes the vagina does not get enough lubrication for whatever reason (heat, stress, menopause can be factors) and it can be less enjoyable to have sex. Situations could arise when you are chilling out reading a book and suddenly without prior notice your partner pounces and you are not prepared for it. So you are not excited enough to have the necessary natural lubrication to fully enjoy sex.

Well in these situations the lubricant can become our best ally since, regardless of whether you have a dryness problem or get caught off guard, with these wonderful gels, sex becomes much more pleasant and intense.

In addition, it is important to be aware that with lubricants there is no danger of infection or transmission of diseases as this could happen with saliva.

Indeed, saliva is a potential disease transmitter. We can´t notice its symptoms and that’s why we don´t know if we are going to transmit a sexual disease through saliva or not. Hence, we use it to lubricate our intimate areas without noticing the seriousness of the matter.

To give us pleasure, saliva is not the best ally either, since being 99% water is not as durable and much less pleasant for sexual relations. For example, we often use it as a lubricant for anal sex. However, it does not lubricate enough and even leads to dryness which makes penetration in the area painful and not satisfactory at all. We are not naturally lubricated anally therefore we need to add lubrication in all types of anal play.  For anal sex it would be best to use silicone-based lubricants as these are more durable. You don´t  need to re-apply, lubricating the area much better and this makes everything much more comfortable and enjoyable for both partners.

In short, if you want a full, satisfactory, healthy and risk-free sexual experiences, it is best to accompany it with a lubricant that suits your tastes and needs.


Types of Lubricants

We have many types of lubricants that will fit your needs and tastes.


These are usually recommended for women with vaginal dryness. Their application counteracts the loss of natural lubrication of the vagina and helps maintain less painful and more satisfying relationships. In addition, they are stain-free, safe to use with condoms and can be used with all types of sex toys. But don´t forget forget that you don’t have to use it in the shower since being water-based it quickly dilutes in water. I personally recommend Vimax Waterglide a natural lubricant with aloe-vera that cures, regenerates and rehydrates your skin. The PH value of the lubricant is the same as can be found in the vagina. Also it is easy to clean, it leaves a refreshing and luscious moist sensation, it is a vegan product, not tested on animals, in short it is great. I also like the PJUR brand very much, I love the texture of its products.

Another one of my favorites is Toko and in this case because it is water-based I will talk about Organic Toko. It is a vegetable and organic product with a delicate texture that intensifies pleasure. Also, for my taste it is the one that smells the best. TOKO products are extremely very good, I recommend you to try it, you will not regret it.

Another one that I really like is Intimate Earth Defense. As the name implies, it contains anti-bacterial properties that act for the defense of the vagina against external aggressions that could alter your natural vaginal flora.


These are denser, last longer than water-based lubricants and are highly recommended for anal sex or sex that has contact with water, for example, shower, pool, jacuzzi, etc. However, do not forget that you don´t have to use it with sex toys, as it will degrade and strip the silicone layers from your toys. If you continue using it in your toys, it will open to absorb and breed dangerous bacteria that can cause nasty infections.

I will mention some of those I like the most, for example, again PJUR silicone is great, has a very nice texture and makes penetration much easier. If you want a specific lubricant for anal sex, you can try Pjur Analyse Me. This type of relaxing lubricant makes the area well lubricated and relaxed, which helps maintain anal penetration without any discomfort.

We know that the anal area does not have natural lubrication so it is very important not to forget these lubricants when practicing anal sex. Other very good silicone-based lubricants are Ohrgasmic, Silicone Glide, Nuei, OH HOLY MARY and again Toko, among others.


With these you will feel different types of sensations on your skin. There are hot, cold, or even cold-hot effects. These sensitize the erogenous zones of both men and women and make you much more receptive to all kinds of stimulations. Those who like the hot effect could try Vibration Vodka Energy, with this one you will soon feel the desired effect.

SECRET PLAY products are also very interesting. For example, Brazilian Balls, these are applied to the body and as it makes contact with the skin they dissolve into a lubricating liquid. Available in both hot and cold effect, depending on your tastes.

Other very interesting SECRET PLAY gels are the Liquid Vibrators.  They are gels that provide you with a sensation of vibration with hot and spicy cold effects. The truth is that they are very interesting and with these your fun time is guaranteed. A great tip with these would be to pop one in your handbag and while dining with your partner pop to the loo and put some on your clitoris and return to the table and let your partner watch you squirm with delight. This makes the evening very sexy and interesting! Great for foreplay.

Stimulating lubricants

These contain substances such as arginine or menthol that facilitate orgasm of the clitoris. These are components that help dilate the blood vessels that are in the clitoris, improving blood flow of the genitals and thus promoting excitation. In this case I recommend Orgie products, for example, Orgie Orgasm Drops, with a few of these in your clitoris you will notice how the area becomes more sensitive and you get a more intense excitement.

 Prolonged or retarding effect

These are very useful for premature ejaculation or simply for those men who want to prolong the erection. These are products with a small amount of natural form of anesthetic that form a layer on the penis making it less sensitive which helps him last longer during penetration. To highlight some, we have Orgie Touro, which increases the power of erections and sexual performance, Kamasutra Prolong, Pjur Superhero Strong, etc.

Lubricants with flavors

They are non-toxic water-based gels with different types of flavors to enjoy oral sex more. We know that oral sex tastes better if we add flavor, so try the flavors of NUEI, apple, strawberry, cookies, lollipops, clouds in short, a lot of delicious flavors. The one that will not leave you indifferent is that of Secret Play, Strawberry And Cream, a flavor of strawberries with cream and heat effect that you will love. Adding a flavoured lubricant kicks starts your natural lubrication in the mouth, making the act of oral sex more pleasurable for both partners.

 How to use Water-Based Lubricants

You may be thinking: “I know how to use a lubricant you don’t have to write about it,”. Well,  it is because some people complain about not feeling very lubricated when using lubricants of their choice. The reason for this is because they are over spreading and touching the lubricated areas with their hands and over extending the product manually with the intention of spreading the gel. But, when you touch the lubricant too much, what you do is keep a large part of it on your hands, thus removing a large amount of the area that will need it. So, when you apply the lubricant on your penis or the toy do not touch it too much and you will see how the penetration is much easier. Although it seems silly to you, many clients have thanked me for the advice.

How to use Silicone-Based Lubricants

With silicone-based lubricants and oils the only real important rule is to not use any of these with toys that are made of silicone, rubber or latex. This is because the silicone breaks down the protective silicone seal of the product and eventually that will allow bacteria to be absorbed into the toy making it dangerous to use, as parts of the silicone can be broken away during use.  Silicone based lubricants can however be used with Steel, Ceramic and Glass toys. They are ideal for penetration and masturbation. Leaving the skin silky smooth and friction free.

Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaners

The importance of maintaining your toys clean and free from bacteria and fungus is one of the most important things to remember when purchasing sex toys. While your toys are put away this is when bacteria begin to breed. Even after washing your toy you can never be certain if it is bacteria free. Especially as women’s vaginal flora needs to be maintained PH neutral and even the slightest imbalance can cause infections. Therefore, we always recommend toy cleaners specifically designed for sex toys. These do not contain alcohol and will clean and disinfect your toy safely protecting both you and your sex toys. The toy cleaner I recommend is Intimichic Antibacterial Toy Cleaner.






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