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“Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight

Coz I need a toy to keep me satisfied

Santa honey one thing I really do need

Is a sex toy to please all my whims”.

As you can see, in this article I will talk about my favorite time of the year, Christmas.

It is a time when we all are with our families and loved ones, decorating our trees and homes and eating until we burst. But it does not end there, since the best is yet to come.

Indeed, best of all are the wonderful gifts we give and receive. That moment when you get up, running to the tree full of lights, to see what Santa Claus has left you this Christmas. And regardless of how old you are, we all love receiving gifts.

Now, children are easy, since they have surely written a letter to Santa Claus or asking all year for what they want for Christmas. But what about the adults?

As the years go by it costs us much more to be original. Buying clothes, shoes, pajamas, perfumes, etc., it can be boring and repetitive. And considering that there are items that you buy yourself when you need them, it makes Christmas shopping really difficult. Over time our gifts become less creative and fairly unexciting.

However, do not be discouraged, there is a solution. You no longer need to despair thinking how to surprise your partner, friends or parents. Since, I will give you some tips in order to help you choose the best and most original gifts.

Take a look at our erotic products. There are items that will surprise and delight anyone. With such a gift, you would be the most original and creative friend, partner or lover. With a gift like this you will improve yours and others relationships, depending on who you give it to. You will make someone’s night, or yours, full of surprises, sexiness and fun.

  Gift Ideas for her

The first thing you should consider is for whom the gift is for, a woman, a man or a couple. Fortunately, I have ideas for all cases. Let’s start with her!

As we know, the clitoris is the organ whose only function is to provide pleasure to the female sex. So, we cannot ignore this important fact when thinking about gifts for women.The best option to satisfy this part of the body is the famous Clitoral Sucker! If you still do not know what a clitoral sucker is, this product is already a global bestseller. It is a sex toy that stimulates the clitoris without direct contact, using air pressure waves simulating a sucking effect.And there isn’t a woman who will not go crazy with this toy! There are those who call it the ” orgasm machine”. Some women have even tattooed it on themselves or invented songs about this amazing wonder toy.  So, you can imagine how impressive it is.

Let’s take a look at the best suckers on the market. When we talk about suction, we cannot forget the first original brand that introduced this technology to the market. The Womanizer.  They are by far the best clitoral suckers we have seen in terms of technology, power, settings and most of all quality. Once she’s tried it, she will not want to put it down.

Womanizer Liberty, this elegant and beautiful sucker will leave you breathless. With its six levels of stimulation and “Pleasure Air” technology, it will give you the best orgasms of your life without even having direct contact. It is waterproof, which allows you to enjoy it in the shower or jacuzzi.

Premium Womanizer. Just great! This high-quality product is the best on the market. It has twelve levels of intensity, elegant design and innovative technology, since it is only activated when it is close to the skin. If you want to enjoy the orgasm of your life, this is your toy!

Womanizer Starlet, if you are looking for something more discreet and smaller, this toy will interest you. With the unique technology of Womanizer, this small sucker will provide you with the satisfaction you need. Easy to use, it only has two buttons to change the intensity levels. And like the rest of the brand’s products, it is waterproof so enjoy it wherever you want!

Womanizer Duo, top quality material, innovative technology and the best design come together to create this unique and unbeatable toy. Thanks to its curved shape, this sucker not only stimulates the clitoris, but also the G Spot. With its twelve intensity levels it will move you to another world. Having this toy, you don’t need anything else to be happy!

Another bestselling and award-winning brand that seduces us with its high-quality products is Lelo. Indeed, the Swedish brand never disappoints. Its material and technology will not leave any woman indifferent.

Lelo Sona 2, Its high-quality material is very soft and comfortable for the skin. Its “Sensonic” technology stimulates more areas of the clitoris than you had imagined. It has twelve vibration modes, from gentle pulsations to a very powerful suction, which will help you reach orgasm in a matter of seconds. Without touching your body, its sonic waves will provide you with the most pleasant orgasm.

Lelo Sona 2 Cruise, the difference from the previous one is that it has the “Cruise Control” system, which allows you to reserve 20% of the maximum power during normal use. So, when the motor reduces the intensity, the reserved power is released when you press the toy against your body. Like Lelo Sona 2, this toy will give you maximum satisfaction.

Other interesting brands are Satisfyer, Action Seven, Inspire or Pretty Love. You can check all of them in our web page

So, if you really want to be original and adored by a woman, don’t hesitate to give her a clitoral sucker. You will be her favorite person for life! So, Santa Cutie please, give us one of these!

If you think I’m done with the clitoris you are wrong. Let’s not forget that many women also like the feeling of vibration against the clitoris. Therefore, another great gift idea would be a vibrating bullet. They are small toys, which are a similar shape to a bullet. However, although they are small, do not belittle them, because as the saying goes, they are “small but thugs”. This type of toy will give the woman an intense pleasure through a very powerful vibration.To name a few…

We Vibe Tango Power Bulle. It looks like a lipstick; it is small and very discreet. With its eight vibration modes you have guaranteed pleasure. And as I mentioned, it is small but very powerful.

Ran Touch Vibe Power Bullet, this bullet has a tactile and progressive sensor, which starts working when you come in contact with the tip of the toy. The tighter you grab it, the more its power increases. However, it can also be used as normal, by manually selecting some of its vibration modes.

Power Bullet by Loving Joy, is a silky bullet with twenty wonderful functions. It is extremely powerful. Its vibration will rock your world.

Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator. This presents a different design from the rest. This toy has bunny ears with very powerful vibration. It has five intensity levels and seven vibration modes. Perfect for the girl who loves flickering bunny ears against her clitoris.

Virgite G-Spot Power Bullet, this bullet made with high quality materials, is not just stimulating the clitoris, but also reaches the G-Spot. It is covered in soft silicone, with three speeds and its four vibration modes make this product the perfect gift.

Speaking of the G-spot, I must also mention toys like Lelo Gigi 2, Bella Jil G-Spot Vibrator or Lovense Osci G-Spot. These three toys are specially designed to reach and stimulate the G-Spot. Thanks to their curved shape they reach the front wall of the vagina, stimulating the area through its vibration. Its technology and soft material will provide the desired pleasure.

Now, leaving the clitoris aside, although not quite, you also have the option to give to your partner, friend, etc. a vibrator. There is a wide variety of vibrators for vaginal or dual function stimulation, that is, vagina and clitoris. Although it is not as innovative as suckers, it is a toy that never goes out of style. It’s fun, it’s exciting and always willing to give us action. Let’s start with those that stimulate only vagina.

Warming Realistic Vibrating Dildo. This is a dildo measuring 18 centimeters, with a very realistic touch, is flexible and also heats up to 45 degrees. What more could you ask for? It has it all!

Fun Factory Big Boss G5, is another vibrator to consider. This great toy is flexible, soft and, its technology makes it adapt comfortably to your body and your position. Giving a truly full and powerful experience.

Lelo Mona Wave. Spectacular vibrator with a wave motion, reminiscent of finger movements, it has a come-hither motion. This amazing toy resembles female masturbation, massaging and stimulating the area internally, providing great pleasure. As I noted before, you can also select a vibrator with double stimulation. Also known as a Bunny or Rabbit Vibrators, these stimulate not only the vagina, but also the clitoris at the same time.

FT G-Rabbit Candy Pink. I have to admit that it is one of my favorites. I love its soft and luxurious touch; the design is beautiful and really is pretty to look at. In addition, it has three powerful motors, located at the tip of the vibrator and two at the ears of the bunny. With its six modes of vibration it stimulates the clitoris, the G-spot and the vagina.

Lea Power Rabbit. Silent but powerful! Designed to reach the G-spot while stimulating the clitoris. With its two motors and seven types of vibration, this toy will make you reach a very intense orgasm.

Of course, Lelo has the answer to everything with its Rabbit Vibrators, of innovative and satisfactory materials and technologies.

Also, very importantly that you have to always accompany these toys with a good water-based lubricant. To do this I recommend you take a look at my article Lubricant, our best ally“.

And so, ends the first part of this article. Remember that there will be a second part, where I will make suggestions on what are the best gifts for a man or a couple.

If you want to be the most original of all do not miss it!



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