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If you have read my previous article, then you know that in this part I will write about what I think are the best gift ideas for men and couples.

As mentioned in the previous article, being original means avoiding the usual and trying something new that would surprise and delight anyone. In addition, I already recommended some items for women.

So, let’s not waste any more time and see what products can satisfy a man and make him feel sensations he may never have felt before.

Gift ideas for him

Indeed, we all know that a very important and beneficial activity for health, both mental and physical, is masturbation. Everyone practices it! And there is nothing wrong with relieving that stress or tension when you need it. Knowing that, why not make masturbation more fun and enjoyable?

As you know, I shall recommend some toys which will make your friend, partner, lover, etc., have fun like never before.


First of all, one of the best brands for male masturbation is, Fleshlight.  They always have a masturbator that fits anyone’s needs. With its materials and textures, it makes the sensations very realistic. In addition, it has a wide variety of imitations of porn star vaginas, anus or mouths, which make masturbation much more pleasant, and realistic.

  • An example of this is the Fleshlight Pink Lady Value Pack. This kit brings a vagina imitation, with a soft and tight interior, giving a truly realistic feeling. Also, it contains a lubricant, cleaner and renewing powders to keep the toy in good condition. It is a very complete kit and of course a great Christmas gift set.
  • Satisfyer Men is another brand with interesting and fun products. For example, Extra Sleeve Pressure Spiral. With its sinuous funnel, subtle spirals and directional resistance, this toy will take you to experience intense pleasure.
  • Speaking of pleasures, I suggest, Satisfyer Men Vibration. This toy with its two powerful motors and eleven vibration programs simulates oral sex. In addition, it is completely submersible, so the daily shower routine could become more fun than ever before.
  • I also recommend the new sex toy that brings you one of the best brands on the market. Indeed, I am talking about Lelo and its new F1s Developer’s Kit Red. With its dual motor and revolutionary technology, this product massages you with deeply satisfying waves. Therefore, what you get is a unique and extraordinary satisfying sexual sensation.

While this may be a short list of masturbators for men. Let’s not forget that there is a wide variety of products that you can find on our website

Prostate Massagers

Now, let’s move on to prostate massagers. Although it is a bit more of a daring gift, it is still one of the best options for men. As explained in my previous article Anal Sex, massaging the prostate not only produces pleasure in men, but it is also beneficial for their health. This is largely due to the fact that the male G-spot (P Spot) is right there, in the anus. So, don’t be afraid to be original and adventurous and try with a gift as beneficial as this.

In addition, anal toys are also a valid option for couples, since these toys can be used by both.

  • We Vibe Vector, this is a really amazing double stimulation prostate massager. It has two parts, one that stimulates the prostate and another that stimulates the perineum. It is made with an ultra-soft silicone and is compatible with water-based lubricant. Also, it is adjustable and waterproof, so you can use it in the shower or jacuzzi, etc.

Although this toy is usually masculine, thanks to its adjustable shape it can be used to stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris. That makes it an ideal toy also to share as a couple. In addition, it comes with a remote control, and can also be controlled with a phone app which adds even more fun.

  • Little Rocket by Adrien Lastic, is a powerful vibrating anal plug, perfect to stimulate this area. It is made of a very soft and spongy silicone material. Very comfortable and pleasant thanks to its double layer silicone system. With a very powerful motor, but quiet at the same time. Its twelve vibration modes will drive you crazy. It also has a remote control, so, you can use it alone or accompanied.
  • Lelo Bruno Prostate Massager. Another wonderful prostate stimulator. Like the Vector, it has two powerful motors for double stimulation, prostate and perineum. This luxurious massager has six powerful vibration modes and is made of waterproof silicone. And of course, don´t forget the remote control.
  • Nalone Marley, this anal vibrator is suitable for men and women. It is made with a soft silicone and gives powerful vibration in play, and it also heats up to 42 degrees. Flexible and silent design and seven vibration modes with a remote control for hands free pleasure.
  • We Vibe Ditto. This anal toy for couples will make you explore new forms of fun. High quality product, powerful vibration, quiet and flexible. It can be controlled through a remote control or with a smartphone. Thanks to its advanced technology you can stimulate your partner from anywhere in the world.

As you can appreciate, these anal toys are perfect to stimulate men and women, which makes them perfect toys for couple use.

Gift ideas for couples

And speaking of couples we come to the best toy for couple play, the We Vibe Sync. This wonderful toy is really amazing. It adapts perfectly to the body, and since everybody is different, it becomes the perfect ally for our relationships. In addition, it has a double function for women, as it stimulates the clitoris and G Spot during penetration.

During sexual intercourse, the toy can be inserted into the vagina along with the penis, so that both him and her can feel its powerful vibration. But that’s not all, it also has a remote control or you can even control it through an APP which can control the toy from anywhere in the world.

Distance will no longer be a problem for couples, since he can control it from wherever he wants and give pleasure to his partner.

Erotic games are much more fun and more exciting with this toy. So do not hesitate, it is a highly recommended option!

My last recommendation, sexy Christmas outfits. If you want to be a Mama Santa and surprise your partner, there are many options that will drive your partner crazy. They are exciting, beautiful and fun.  And as it is Christmas time, we shouldn’t forget to wear red lingerie. Make your Christmas night unforgettable with these sexy Christmas outfits.

These are but a few options that I recommend for Christmas. If you want to be original this Christmas, give then gift of pleasure and gift sex toys.

Don’t forget sex is healthy and fun. So, Santa please bring us more fun things!

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