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Cupido’s story

Despite what almost everyone believes, do you know that the god of love isn’t Cupid? The true god of reciprocated love is Anteros, the brother of Cupid (or Eros, in Greek Mythology).

The famous little angel looking like a child and armed with a bow and arrow is the god of passion and blind love. That is why we like him so much! Unconditional love is ok, but passion and blind love are also good.

This week in our blog we talk about that: love, passion and the most important thing, getting them to go together.

Love and passion, together?

At the beginning of our romantic relationships, passion comes intensely into our lives.

But as time passes, the level of passion decreases. It is as if there is an inversely proportional relationship between the consolidation of the couple and the passion they feel. Or so many people believe, but it doesn’t have to be that way!

Economic problems, routines, children, housework…are the main killers of passion. The lack of sex in the relationship leads to, in most cases, to a physical and emotional distance that, in long term, ends in a break up.

That is why, in the Week of Love, we bring you 10 very simple tips that will help you to revive that flame that you thought was extinguished and thus save your relationship.

Add toys to your life

The option that more and more couples choose add an extra touch of emotion to their encounters. And today there are so many options to choose from according to your tastes. We leave you with some ideas:

  • The most classic, vibrating cock rings. There are for all tastes: with small balls to stimulate the vaginal walls, some have a rabbit design to stimulate the clitoris…
  • Newest, the suckers. Yes, the famous suckers you can use as a couple and we assure you that you will love it. If you want to surprise your partner with a super gift, we recommend the Womanizer Premium Black, a luxury edition for the most demanding.
  • Gift Kits. On our website you can find plenty of sensual game kits with which you will surely make this Valentine’s Day a hit. A good option is the London Love-In Pleasure Kit, but if you want something more affordable, the Lovexxx Kit I Love You is also a very good idea.

Shared showers or baths

This is not a tip for you to save water (hey, if you do it so much better), but having a shower or taking a bath with your partner strengthens self-esteem, passion and much more.

Take your time to fully enjoy the moment and let yourself go…

Put the first tip into practice and use some waterproof toys underwater, there are many! Search our sex toys section and you will surely find something that you both like.

Dress up in something sexy

Dress up are not just for Carnival. To Dress Up in something that you know your partner likes or fantasizes about is a great Valentine’s gift.

In our catalogue we have for all tastes: nurses, maids, police, bunnies, schoolgirls

Make love in different places

One of the main problems couples may have is that they always use the bed as a place to practice sex. And there are 1000 possible alternatives: kitchen, bathroom, living room…Also outside the home. If you like risk taking you can try in public places like a public bathroom, a fitting room…

A good idea is to use a sex swing hanging from a door at home…new experiences that you will love!

Preliminary games

We will not get tired of saying it, foreplay is as important as the sex itself. And according to numerous studies, most couples skip them.

At Boudoir we claim the importance of erotic foreplay games…and why not in a public place? We will tell you how: get the Firefly massager with panties included, put it on before leaving home and leave the remote control to your partner… We dare you to play!

Sexy lingerie

Surprise your partner with a sexy lingerie set. Many people think “bah, I don’t spend money on erotic lingerie that then doesn’t last long on”, but this is a false myth. There is lingerie specially prepared to enjoy those most intimate moments without having to be removed: bras with openings, garters, open body stockings, panties and thongs with open crotch…There are a lot of variety to choose from.

Erotic massages

There is nothing like starting with a good relaxing massage. You can choose between the most classic, massage oils (we recommend Sutil, an essential oil made 100% with natural ingredients), or choose a more original option: there are candles with exciting odours with wax when melted can be used for the hottest massages…

In addition, if you want to innovate even more, you can choose a wand massager and start and finish the massage wherever you want. We leave you with our favourite which is also a 2 in 1, vibrator and massager! It is the Dua by Loving Joy.

Unexpected messages 

Send messages unexpected to your partner to telling him/her your most intimate desires and fantasies even with some images…He/She will get excited wherever they are making their journey home more exciting.

Experience with BDSM

Since 50 Shades of Grey burst into our lives more and more couples have dared to experiment with BDSM because it can be a lot of fun!

In case you didn’t know, BDSM includes techniques as different as bondage, domination and submission and sadism and masochism.

There are many levels, we recommend you start with something subtle such as handcuffs, a blindfold or a small whip and you will see how little by little your body will be asking for more.

Try new things

In short, the main tip is to try new things without fear, until you discover what it is that gets you and your partner more excited and thus get to enjoy sex more. We assure you that the relationship will be strengthened.

Enjoying alone is also allowed, even if you are in a couple

And last but not least, something we always recommend to couples who ask us for advice is that they have to learn to enjoy their own bodies themselves. It is not a crime to give yourself pleasure, first because nobody knows you better than you do, and second because you can take time and play when you are alone or simply when your partner doesn’t feel like it.

That’s why we leave you with a selection of gift ideas for a great Valentine’s Day with your partner.

For him

  • 3 in 1 masturbator: mouth, vagina and anus of porn actresses. We like the Amarna Miller one and we have now reduced it!
  • Poker Edition reusable masturbator, a small toy at a very low price but that gives a lot of pleasure. A perfect detail!
  • Tenga Eggs. We have many models to choose from the one. Did you know that if you turn it inside out it also serves as a female clitoral stimulator?
  • Tenga 3D Masturbator. Another level of this specialized brand in male masturbation. With it you get intense stimulation.
  • Satisfyer Man. Yes, the famous brand of suckers also thinks about the male satisfaction. Try one of their masturbators, you’ll love it!

For her

  • G-Spot Stimulator. Osci by Lovense will become your best friend!
  • 3 in 1 vibrator: sucks, vibrates and licks. An all in one, a very original gift.
  • If you prefer something more classic, you can choose a vibrator. If you try Athena – Goddess Collection by Dream Toys, with clitoral stimulator included, you will fall in love with it.
  • We could not forget the great protagonist of 2019 and surely 2020, the clitoral suckers. We have just included on our website the new Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration, it sucks and vibrates, a revolution that you will love!




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