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Although many heteros (especially men) think that the absence of a penis in a sexual relation implies that an erotic toy is mandatory, this is not true. The mouth, fingers and the rest of the body also serve as channels of pleasure.

But incorporating a sex toy in a relation between lesbians is something that adds a plus, they help improve lovemaking and experiences.

There are many types of toys that can be used-in fact almost all of them! But here we bring you some ideas so that you never get bored and therefore enjoy your encounters to the fullest.


Clitoris Massagers

80% of women need to stimulate the clitoris to reach orgasm, so an external vibrator is always a good option. You can use it in turns or simultaneously placing it between the two.

  • Laya II by Fun Factory. Laya II is an external stimulator that thanks to its arched shape makes it perfectly cover the pubis and vulva. Incredible sensations in such a small toy.
  • Tori Iroha by Tenga. This beautiful bird shaped massager Will go unnoticed in your home and is also a powerful clitoris massager.


Clitoral Suckers

By the same statistic we mentioned earlier, new suckers have become the star toy among women. Whenever there is a clitoris involved, a good sucker is always a good idea.

  • Liberty by Womanizer. Contactless stimulation. Yes. Womanizer takes the concept of suckers to another level with this elegant model.
  • Melt by We-Vibe. With this sucker and its vibrations, you will achieve an intense orgasm almost instantly.
  • Satisfyer Pro 2 Vibration. The new version of the famous Satisfyer suction you, this time with vibrations that will increase pleasure.


Harnesses with Straps

The typical toy that everyone thinks of when they imagine a lesbian relationship. The truth is that they are not the most used, but there are those who do prefer it.

Harnesses can be single or double. In the case of doubles, they offer a simultaneous penetration, which is always more fun.

  • Super Penetrix by Fetish Fantasy. A good example of the double harnesses we were talking about. It has two dildos, one on each side of the harness and each with a vibrating motor for more stimulating sensations.
  • Strap-On by Adrien Lastic. Harness to place dildos up to 4.5 cm in base. You can use it with your favourite dildos and thus be hands free.
  • Dillio Harnesses by Pipedream. Dillio is a collection of harnesses and dildos from the Pipedream brand that is characterized by its striking colours and its ergonomic and comfortable designs. There are many to choose from, choose the one you like best and enjoy.

Strapless Strap On

In reality they are not harnesses, but double dildos that thanks to their design you can use without holding them with your hands, they are held in place vaginally. They are available with or without vibration.

  • Strapless Union by Wet For Her. This brand made by and for women could not be left out of this collection of toys. This double dildo allows you to create the angle in which you feel most comfortable for a better experience. Plus, it also vibrates!
  • Sharevibe by Fun Factory. The German brand version of the previous strapless strap on. There are different colors to choose from and always super soft like all toys of this brand!


Double Dildos and Double Vibrators

These toys allow simultaneous stimulation. In the case of double vibrators, they are usually designed to stimulate the vagina and anus, but in lesbian relationships they can be used in multiple ways.

  • Picobong by LELO. An all in one vibrating double ender. It can be a rabbit vibrator, clitoris massager, G-spot stimulator, double dildo … Try them all and choose the function that you like the most!
  • Share Double Dildo by Fun Factory. One of our favorites. The shape of this dildo is designed to fit feminine shapes… pleasing each other has never been easier.


Remote Controlled Vibrators

With these couple toys you can be either the wearer of the vibrating toy and the other will be in control, either with a remote control or with a mobile application … you will be at his or her mercy and they will do with you whatever they want …

  • Firefly by Liebe. This external massager with heat function is designed to be placed in panties (which is included) and to be able to enjoy whenever your partner presses the button …
  • Moxie by We Vibe. Powerful clitoris stimulator that your partner will be able to control with the remote control or with the App through their mobile … Dare to experience new experiences.


Realistic Dildos

Although they are one of the least sought-after toys among lesbian couples, they can also be a good option if you are looking for a feeling of real penetration without a man in between you! We recommend you look at our section of realistic King Cock dildos, there are all sizes, colours and something for everyone!


Silicone Finger Toys

An original toy that not many know about but that can take you to heaven in a few minutes. This accessory is placed on the finger and works as an extension of your own body …

We recommend Abbott from Pretty Love, a rabbit finger vibrator.

If you prefer something more traditional, choose the Wet For Her finger extension available in pink or black, you will not know how something so simple can give you so much pleasure!


We hope this blog has helped you to improve your intimate relationships. See you next time, what would you like us to write about?

Have a super pleasurable week!

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