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Is my vulva normal?


The Internet, globalisation and social networks have marked a before and after in our lives in all senses, however, there is one that resonates a lot: the standard of beauty.IS-MY-VULVA-NORMAL

Nowadays we live surrounded by images that are exposed as prototypes of beauty that are neither real or natural. The filters we all use on social media, even if it’s just a change of colour or a softening of the skin, makes our eye get used to seeing yourself in a way that is not normal, which is why cosmetic surgeries and retouching where people carry an image of themselves with a filter have increased so much.

However, not only face or breast surgeries have increased, which are the most common ones, one that is rarely talked about but is also becoming a very common insecurity in girls is the vulva operation, because yes: that small, symmetrical, pink and “tucked” vulva is not the reality in many cases.

Vulva or Vagina?

Let’s start from the beginning, we generally refer to the entire female genital area as the vagina, but in reality the vagina refers to the inner area of the female genitals. What we see with the eye, that is to say, the external area, is precisely the vulva and it’s there where the insecurities and criticisms fall, in general, due to the standards we have seen in porn or cinema.

This unrealistic vulva is usually known as: “Barbie vulva”. On this doll the genital area was not marked, that is why it complies very well with the canon of unnatural beauty that has been created. The barbie vulva would have a small size, pink colour, perfectly symmetrical and closed labia that cover the labia minora perfectly and where the clitoris is not very bulging and not too big.

Pleasure vs. aesthetic

This misconception of “what a vulva should look like” affects self-esteem and with it comes the fear of showing it because of the other person’s reaction. Some girls even go so far as to prevent this moment from happening either by cutting off visibility in some way, by not letting the other person get close to their genitals or by not having sex at all.

This insecurity also creates an ongoing thought that can prevent the person from relaxing and enjoying the sexual act in all its splendour.

The perfect vulva

The perfect vulva is one that envelops the vagina (either completely or just a little), allows you to urinate and is a source of pleasure. That’s it.

IS-MY-VULVA-NORMALThere are countless features inside a vulva, everyone has one and no two are alike. Enjoy and love yours with its colour, shape, asymmetry, size, etc. With whichever comes along because that is the perfect vulva.


Every vulva is different, they are all normal and no one should ever make you feel bad about yours.

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