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Sex and its stages



Sex and its stages

Despite the years as a society, we live with a very big taboo when talking about sex and older people. Because yes, whether we want to think about it or not, older people also have sex, they also masturbate and they also like to experiment.
Sex is, in general, one of the most important aspects of our lives and age is not an impediment, however, it is true that it does vary how sex influences our reality as the years go by.
It is practically impossible to create a fixed sexual pattern according to each stage of our life, in general there is an infinite range and each person is totally individual. But we are going to try to outline some of the stages that a person may experience depending on the stage they are in.

  •  Childhood

Although it may not seem like it, this is one of the most important stages of sexuality. We are so young and innocent that this is not a time of sexual interest as we know it today, but a time of self-discovery and discovery of others. We like to watch and show off. Learning. Even the first self-exploratory activities begin at this stage, although these tend to be less visible as it is also the stage where the first prohibitions begin and with this, little by little, shame and guilt begin to flourish in some cases.


  • SEX-AND-ITS-STAGESAdolescence

This stage is the sexual awakening in all its splendour. Hormones are the order of the day and teenagers’ topics of conversation always revolve around the same subject. Masturbation begins as the first phase, the discovery of self and real pleasure.
A general obsession with the loss of virginity also begins to develop at this stage. This is a dangerous time because you are facing decisive situations when mentally you really are not prepared. This stage can be a source of enormous pleasure and at the same time a source of conflict.

  • Youth

Sexual fulfilment. Desire is high and is often satisfied immediately and impulsively. In the first phase, quantity is more important than quality, especially in boys. But it is also at this stage that maturity begins to appear and this balance, little by little, will begin to take on a different meaning.
In the beginning, inexperience and lack of knowledge are the order of the day..

  • Adulthood

SEX-AND-ITS-STAGESFor this stage it is more difficult to mark the beginning as each person experiences it differently. Unbridled and youthful passion takes a back seat and relationships start to become more intense and deeper. It is at this stage that prejudices, insecurities and shame are put aside and give way to real experimentation.

If before we talked about quantity over quality, now it is the other way around.
Even so, it is also a stage where other fears and insecurities begin, this time more focused on the physical changes that our bodies undergo: the famous “gatillazos”.

For women, on the other hand, it has been studied that this is usually the peak of sexual desire and interest in knowing and experiencing as much as possible.


  • Maturity

Did you know that there is a study that states that between the ages of 45 and 55 is when most cases of infidelity are recorded? This is since this stage we are entering now is one where the number of sexual encounters between couples begins to decrease. The settling in, the routine, the laziness, etc. These are years that are usually dedicated to something else: raising children, an increase in the work environment, etc.
As we mentioned before, insecurities, especially by men, in terms of physical decline are still present and tend to increase much more. The arrival of the menopause can be experienced in very different ways: there are women whose sexual appetite increases as the fear of pregnancy no longer exists, disinhibition enters through the front door; however, there is also the opposite case, women who, with the arrival of the menopause, lose a large part of their sexual appetite, usually accompanied by external agents such as weight gain, loss of natural lubrication, fluid retention, etc. This can lead to a huge decrease in self-esteem.

The arrival of illnesses and medicines with side effects are also very relevant currently.

Apart from all this, there is also an important stage: the children leave home. Currently, the partner usually becomes the protagonist again.

  • The third age

And we finish by dispelling one of the biggest taboos in our society: sex does not end at the age of 60. On the contrary, sexual interest is maintained in the same way as in previous stages of our lives.SEX-AND-ITS-STAGESIt is true that sexual relations are experienced in a different way, caresses, kisses and feelings begin to take on much more importance than they did before.

It is important to stress that sex can be experienced with the same intensity as when we were young, but that there are factors that have a great deal of influence: physical wear and tear, medication with its side effects, old age, lack of a partner or difficulty in finding privacy… In any case, if we are in good health, it is important to understand that sexuality can be experienced to the full as in any other period of our lives.


As we emphasised at the beginning, it is practically impossible to close all the sexual stages and to agree with everyone. Each person, each experience, is totally different. The factors, both internal and external, around us can decisively change our sexuality and how we experience it.

In this post, we have collected, in a general way, the stages that a person can live through in his or her life.

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