silicone penis chastity cage
chastity cage
silicone chastity cage

Silicone Penis Chastity Cage


Silicone Penis Chastity Cage

Silicone chastity cage by BDSM lovers by You2Toys.

It is light and comfortable to wear, so it can be used daily.

It includes rings of different sizes to fit different sizes: 4.1 cm, 4.8 cm and 5.2 cm. It also includes 5 numbered and disposable locks and a metal lock with 2 keys.

Instructions for use:

  1. Choose the right ring size for you and then place it around the penis and testicles.
  2. Push one of the straps through the slit in cage then place it around the ring.
  3. Fasten the strap with the stopper.
  4. Now attach one of the locks to the stopper. You can use the metal padlock or one of the disposable padlocks.


  • Size: 11.3 cm (total length), 7 cm (penis area length), 3.5 cm (penis area diameter), 4.1 cm, 4.2 cm and 5.2 cm (ring diameter).
  • Colour: white, semi-transparent.
  • Materials: silicone.
  • Easy cleaning.

Additional information

Weight .360 kg
Dimensions 21.5 × 5 × 24 cm


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