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Soft-Tampons Stringless Tampons



Soft-Tampons Stringless Tampons

Soft-Tampons are stringless revolutionary tampons by Joydivision. It is a small menstrual sponge made with ultra-soft foam that adapts to the female anatomy.

These tampons, easy to insert and remove, they allow you to have sex whilst inserted. Enjoy your sexuality every day of the month without thinking about bleeding.

Instructions for placing the Soft-Tampon:

  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Take the product out of the box.
  3. Moisten the tampon with lubricant or water.
  4. Squat down or sit in the WC.
  5. Grasp the tampon with one finger on each side and squeeze it.
  6. Put your finger in the hole at the bottom of the tampon and insert it like a regular tampon.

Instructions to remove the Soft-Tampon:

  1. Wash your hands well.
  2. Squat down.
  3. Press a little, it comes out better when it is full.
  4. Grab the tab with one finger and pull it out.


  • Colour: pink.
  • Available sizes: normal, mini.
  • Material: polyurethane.
  • Includes 1 unit.


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