Tenga Flip Hole Zero EV Vibrating Male Masturbator

255,00 IVA

We welcome the New Tenga Flip Hole Zero EV with a new hinged integrated shaft. In this way, the insertion point has no joints or seams, which greatly reduces the possibilities of lubricant leakages and increases the vacuum intensity, especially with the incorporation of the one directional valve.
FLIP ZERO EV can be used manually with or without its electronic vibration! It contains two vibrating motors within its elastomer cavity each at opposite ends, which provide intense vibrations throughout the device for direct stimulation all over.
It is reusable,rechargeable, easy to clean and dry hygenically thanks to the flip open design. Includes USB charger cable and instruction manual, the charging time is 90 minutes and the time of use of 40 minutes.
It incorporates 5 modes of vibration: LOW, HIGH, IMPULSE, ALTERNATE, RANDOM.
This amazing Flip Hole Zero EV is fully submersible. But the charging base cannot be submerged or made wet for obvious reasons.

Includes two sachets of Real Hole Lotion 10 ml lubricant.


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