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Waterproof Blanket Liberator Fascinator Throw

SKU: 8463
225,00 IVA

Candle Wax Penis

SKU: 7140
25,00 IVA

Sex Donut Swing

SKU: 7619
475,00 IVA

Universal Launch Masturbator by Fleshlight

SKU: 7676
299,00 IVA

 I love Boobs Mug

SKU: 7454
25,00 IVA

Bondage Ring with Handcuffs

SKU: 6723
175,00 IVA

Hismith Premium Fuck Machine

SKU: 6823
1.399,00 IVA

The Throne Sex Chair

SKU: 6478
495,00 IVA

Self-Installing Dance Pole

SKU: 3406
175,00 IVA

Phone and Tablet Support for the Leg

SKU: 4151
Original price was: 35,00€.Current price is: 15,00€. IVA

Fleshlight Masturbator Shower Support

SKU: 4758
35,00 IVA

Pack Fluorescent Penis Straws

SKU: 4415
10,00 IVA

LaunchPAD support for Fleshlight

SKU: 4254
45,00 IVA

Male Masturbator Attachment for Doxy Wand

SKU: 2000828
45,00 IVA

Vinyl Sheet – SexMax

35,00 IVA

Aguastick Douche Shower Attachment

SKU: 2000922
75,00 IVA

Cowgirl Sybian Riding Machine

SKU: 2000251
Original price was: 2.200,00€.Current price is: 1.700,00€. IVA

Bathmate Shower Strap Accessory

SKU: 4897
30,00 IVA

Liberator Black Label Talea without Cuff Kit

SKU: 2206
155,00 IVA

Liberator Esse Chaise Black Faux Leather

SKU: 2203
799,00 IVA

Liberator Talea Spreader Bar with Plush Cuff Kit

SKU: 2975
225,00 IVA

Erotic furniture refers to a range of furniture items that are designed to enhance sexual play or provide a more comfortable or supportive environment for BDSM activities. These items can be found in many different shapes and sizes, and may be made from a variety of materials, such as leather, metal, or wood.

Some examples of erotic furniture items that might be found in this category include:

1. Sex swings - These are typically suspended from the ceiling or a frame and provide a comfortable and supportive platform for a variety of sexual positions.

2. Bondage benches - These are designed to provide a comfortable and stable surface for bondage play, with restraints and attachment points built in.

3. Erotic chairs or stools - These may feature special shapes or contours designed to support and enhance different sexual positions, or may include restraints or other BDSM accessories.

4. BDSM cages - These are typically made of metal or wood and are designed to confine a submissive partner during play, providing a feeling of helplessness and vulnerability.

5. Erotic massage tables - These are designed to provide a comfortable and supportive surface for sensual or erotic massage, with special features such as padding, built-in restraints, or adjustable height.

Overall, the goal of erotic furniture is to enhance the sexual or BDSM experience by providing a supportive and comfortable environment for exploration and play. It is important to always use these items safely and responsibly, and to ensure that all parties involved have given their full and informed consent.