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Mini Vagina Pump

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Luxury Sucker Womanizer Next

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Battery Mini Sucker Womanizer

SKU: 6879
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Sucker & Tapper Ohrgasmic

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Womanizer Liberty 2 Air Pressure Vibrator

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SONA™ 2 Travel Size

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Pink Air Pleasure Rabbit

SKU: 7611
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Mistral Rose Suction and Vibrator

SKU: 7714
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Saga Vibrating Rabbit with Suction

SKU: 7715
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Satisfyer Pro 3 Generation

SKU: 7659
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Mimi Tapping and Suction Stimulator

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Harmony Vulva’s 4 in 1 Pump

SKU: 8001
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Womanizer Duo 2

299,00 IVA

Ibiza Bullet & Clit Sucker

SKU: 7540
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Vulva Lover by Satisfyer

95,00 IVA

Mia Rose Clitoral Sucker

SKU: 7539
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Lelo Enigma Cruise G Spot & Sucker

255,00 IVA

Sila Cruise by Lelo

195,00 IVA

Rechargeable Clitoral Sucker

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Romp Switch Clitoral Sucker

SKU: 6040
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Womanizer Starlet 3

SKU: 6439
145,00 IVA

Clitoral suckers, also known as clitoral stimulators or suction vibrators, are sex toys designed to provide stimulation to the clitoris. These devices use suction or pulsating air waves to create a gentle vacuum around the clitoris, which can enhance blood flow to the area and increase sensitivity, leading to intense orgasms.

Some of the benefits of using a clitoral sucker include:

1. Increased sensitivity: Clitoral suckers are designed to provide intense stimulation to the clitoris, which can increase blood flow and sensitivity to the area.

2. Multiple orgasm: The suction and pulsation provided by the clitoral sucker can help some individuals achieve multiple orgasms in one session.

3. Discreetness: Clitoral suckers can be a discreet option for individuals who live in shared spaces or have roommates, as they are usually quiet and can be easily hidden.

4. Variety: Clitoral suckers come in various shapes and sizes, and with different types of stimulation, allowing individuals to experiment and find the type of stimulation that works best for them.

It's important to note that every individual's body is different and what works for one person may not work for another. If you're considering using a clitoral sucker or any other sex toy, it's always a good idea to do your research, start with a lower intensity setting, and communicate with your partner if you have one. Additionally, make sure to clean your sex toys properly before and after use to prevent the spread of bacteria.