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Sensual Couples Play Kit

SKU: 7463
30,00 IVA

Naughty Holiday Set

SKU: 7365
30,00 IVA

Bliss Bliss Coffret

SKU: 468
39,99 IVA

Advent Calendar

SKU: 6287
155,00 IVA

Vibokit Vibrator Upgrade Kit

SKU: 646
18,99 IVA

Masturbator + Lubricant + Cleaner Kit

SKU: 2001048
90,00 IVA

London Love-In Pleasure Kit

SKU: 3290
Original price was: 110,00€.Current price is: 75,00€. IVA

San Francisco Nights Pleasure Kit

SKU: 3291
Original price was: 110,00€.Current price is: 75,00€. IVA

5 Piece Rechargeable Couple Pleasure Kit

SKU: 2000780
99,00 IVA

7 Piece Gift Set Let’s Celebrate

SKU: 2000491
Original price was: 45,00€.Current price is: 30,00€. IVA

7 Piece I Love You Gift

SKU: 2000490
Original price was: 45,00€.Current price is: 30,00€. IVA

Doc Johnson Dual Density Vac U Lock Experienced Kit

SKU: 4964
350,00 IVA

Doc Johnson Dual Density Vac U Lock Starter Kit

SKU: 4525
Original price was: 275,00€.Current price is: 225,00€. IVA

Fleshlight Pink Lady Value Pack

SKU: 4787
145,00 IVA

LELO The Alibi Gift Set

SKU: 4617
Original price was: 135,00€.Current price is: 105,00€. IVA

Secret Play Strong Kit

SKU: 4647
Original price was: 45,00€.Current price is: 25,00€. IVA

XXL Advent Calendar

SKU: 4394
Original price was: 145,00€.Current price is: 99,00€. IVA

Bijoux Indiscrets Deluxe Stripteuse Box Set

SKU: 767
55,00 IVA

Fleshlight Go Surge Gift Pack

SKU: 3812
115,00 IVA

Shunga Kit Tickle Me For Her

SKU: 3288
65,00 IVA

Shunga Kit Lasting Pleasure

SKU: 3784
45,00 IVA

Sexual gift sets are an all-in-one package that contain a variety of products and accessories aimed at enhancing your sexual pleasure and intimacy with your partner. These sets are a great way to experiment with new sensations and activities that you may not have tried before.

Many sexual gift sets come in themed collections, each with a specific type of sexual activity in mind. For instance, you may find bondage sets, erotic massage sets, or other collections tailored to specific sexual fantasies or interests.

Overall, sexual gift sets are an excellent way to add some variety and excitement to your sex life. Whether you're a seasoned sex toy enthusiast or a first-time user, a sexual gift set can help you discover new sensations and experiences with your partner.

A sexual gift set is a collection of sex toys, accessories, and/or products that are packaged together and often given as a gift to a romantic partner. These sets can include a wide range of items, such as vibrators, lubricants, massage oils, bondage gear, and more.

Sexual gift sets can be a great way to explore new sexual experiences and fantasies with your partner. They can also be a fun and thoughtful way to spice up your sex life or celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine's Day.

Many sexual gift sets are designed with a particular theme in mind, such as a bondage set or a romantic massage set. These sets can be a convenient and cost-effective way to try out new products and accessories, without having to purchase each item separately.

Overall, sexual gift sets can be a fun and exciting way to add some extra intimacy and excitement to your relationship, and are a popular choice for couples of all genders and sexual orientations.