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Purple Pony Tail Anal Plug

SKU: 8045
65,00 IVA

LED Unicorn Tail Anal Plug

SKU: 8237
65,00 IVA

Bunny Tail Vibrating Plug

SKU: 7317
125,00 IVA

Scandal Pony Play Kit

SKU: 7088
90,00 IVA

Foxtail with Small Silicone Anal Plug

SKU: 6842
35,00 IVA

Plug with Cat Tail and Cat Ears Set

SKU: 5423
65,00 IVA

Mai No. 51 Anal Plug with Foxtail

SKU: 2000321
55,00 IVA

Silicone Anal Plug with Unicorn Tail

SKU: 3725
75,00 IVA

Anal Plug with Rabbit Tail

SKU: 3863
75,00 IVA

Steel Anal Plug with Tail

SKU: 3205
120,00 IVA

Metal Brown Foxtail Butt Plug S

SKU: 4440
55,00 IVA

Metal Brown Foxtail Butt Plug L

SKU: 3008
55,00 IVA

Metal Silver Foxtail Butt Plug S

SKU: 4619
55,00 IVA

Metal Silver Foxtail Butt Plug M

SKU: 3009
Original price was: 55,00€.Current price is: 49,00€. IVA

Metal Brown Foxtail Butt Plug M

SKU: 3076
Original price was: 55,00€.Current price is: 49,00€. IVA

A tails plug is a popular adult toy that adds a playful and sexy element to any intimate encounter. This unique plug features a slender, tapered design that is designed to be inserted into the anus, with a series of soft, flowing tails that cascade from the base of the plug.

They are made from high-quality materials that are safe for use and easy to clean, making them a reliable and convenient option for users. The plug is designed to be used by both men and women and is perfect for solo play or for use with a partner.

One of the biggest advantages of using a tails plug is the added stimulation it provides. The tails offer a variety of sensations that can enhance the overall experience, making it highly satisfying and pleasurable. Additionally, the tapered shape of the plug makes insertion easy and comfortable, while the wide base ensures that the plug stays securely in place.

Tails plugs are also highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They can be worn during intercourse, enhancing the pleasure for both partners, or used on their own for solo play. Tails plugs are also perfect for those who are new to anal play, as their slim design and soft materials make them easy to use and comfortable to wear.

In conclusion, tails plugs are a fun and exciting way to add a new dimension to your intimate experiences. With their unique design, added stimulation, and versatility, they are an excellent option for anyone looking to explore their desires and achieve new levels of pleasure.