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Slow Sex Clitoral Balm

SKU: 7679
25,00 IVA

Lelo Clitoral Stimulating Serum

SKU: 8040
45,00 IVA

WUG Aphrodisiac Gums

10,00 IVA

Oh! Holy Mary Clitoral Stimulating Oil 6ml

SKU: 3166
25,00 IVA

Viamax Sensitive Gel

SKU: 5854
30,00 IVA

Orgie Orgasm Drops Vibe!

SKU: 5820
30,00 IVA

Valkiria Orgasm Intensifying Gel

SKU: 5110
25,00 IVA

Thor Intensifying Fire Gel

SKU: 5109
35,00 IVA

Eclipse Stimulating Cream

SKU: 2000160
30,00 IVA

Onagra Orgasm Intensifier

SKU: 2000836
25,00 IVA

Concentrated Liquid Vibrator – Ohrgasmic Power Vibration

SKU: 2001267
25,00 IVA

Hold Me Tight by Shunga – Tightening Gel

SKU: 45
45,00 IVA

Orgie Orgasm Drops

SKU: 2000855
30,00 IVA

Liquid Vibration Vodka Energy Gel

SKU: 2000568
25,00 IVA

Triple X Unisex Pleasure Intensificator

SKU: 5037
30,00 IVA

Wow Blow Job Spray

25,00 IVA

Electric Sex Fellatio Vibrating Gloss

SKU: 4675
30,00 IVA

Orgasm Clitoral Kissable Drops

SKU: 4663
35,00 IVA

Erosart Sexart Onagra Gel 100 cc

SKU: 3972
Original price was: 40,00€.Current price is: 30,00€. IVA

Liquid Vibrator Fresh Retardant

SKU: 3740
40,00 IVA

Liquid Vibrator Unisex

SKU: 3708
Original price was: 40,00€.Current price is: 25,00€. IVA

The stimulating category includes products that are designed to enhance sexual pleasure and increase sensitivity. These products can be used by both men and women and come in a variety of forms, including gels, creams, sprays, and lotions.

Stimulating products often contain ingredients such as menthol, peppermint, and other natural extracts that increase blood flow and sensitivity to the genital area. They can be applied directly to the skin or used with sex toys to create a more intense and enjoyable experience.

Stimulating products can be used to enhance foreplay or intercourse and can help people with low libido or difficulty achieving orgasm. They are also popular among couples looking to spice up their sex life or experiment with new sensations.

It's important to note that stimulating products may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with sensitive skin or allergies to certain ingredients. It's always a good idea to test a small amount on a patch of skin before using any product on sensitive areas.