Alpha One Unity Vibrating Butt Plug


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Probably the best sex you’ve never had.

Unity by Alpha One is a luxury couples insertable, mainly an anal insertable massager for both partners but can be used as a traditional woman’s vibrator as well.

Is designed so that each partner wear one during lovemaking for amazing orgasms. The benefit to this is that both partners experience and enjoy the same sensations of this amazing toy at the same time.

These engineered and made from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminium with a matt finish with an integrated three speed vibrator. This toy is designed to give harder erections and amazing orgasms during intercourse.

The Alpha One Unity feels as good as it looks. The round ball part is inserted into the body. The black part is a 3-speed vibrator, this part sits outside the body. The Unity has a thin shaft that connects, the ball to the vibrator. The thin shaft has 2 functions, it allows you to fully close around the object,  and it allows the vibrations to travel through the shaft and vibrate the ball inside your body and they feel fantastic.

Extremely discreet that you can wear them, all day and every time you move it moves too. Even without the vibrations, on they feel great and with the vibrations it’s even better.

Once you’re fully closed, around the toy it just can’t fall out. During intercourse, it’s amazing every time you move the Unity moves with you. With every thrust it pushes gently, against your anus from the inside sending very pleasurable sensations all around that area. These sensations coupled with the intercourse, make for some truly fantastic sex.


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