Pack of 3 Condoms with No Latex – Uniq


Pack of 3 Condoms with No Latex – Uniq

Pack of 3 condoms without latex by Uniq. Those condoms are hypoallergenic and they have extra protection because it includes a protective ring.

Extra soft, you can use them with any lubricant. It adheres completely to the skin for a better sensibility, always with the maximum resistance.

Instructions: Look the label where it says “put penis this side”. Take the guide ring, put it over the erect and dry penis. Unwrap to the base taking out the air.

Recommendations: Do not put it over the penis if it is wet or damp. Do not inflate it, it is not elastic. Do not store at more than 40ºC.


  • It includes condoms, lubricants and protective ring.
  • Transparent.
  • No odor.
  • Total adhesion to the skin.
  • Size: 60 mm.


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