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LELO Anniversary Luxury Fetish Case


LELO Anniversary Luxury Red Room Travel Case


LELO Anniversary is an incredible high-end kit for those who love BDSM and are looking to have new experiences and not miss anything.

The new line of LELO is loaded with sensuality and has a variety of luxury accessories. Twelve pleasure-oriented products of limited production.

Each product receives a special name linked to the product and the brand to make it more unique and here we come to explain what they are:

The suitcase

The jewel that any BDSM lover must have. A high quality, elegant briefcase where you can keep all your essentials.


Products name: Elena Shackles, Hertz Telescopic Whip & Cannes Duster.

Elena Shackles

Elena was a regular LELO customer who claimed to have everything, and it was thanks to her that the founders were inspired to create a powerful clitoral vibrator with aphrodisiac fragrances called Lily 2. These shackles, with a unique and elegant design, are designed in her honour.

Hertz Telescopic Whip

Find complicity with your partner and trust to give him/her all the power. With this whip you’ll be able to experience from the softest to the strongest spanking. All with a perfect design so you can take it anywhere.

Cannes Duster

LELO has been present twice in Cannes, once collecting the award for best product design and the second presented the first short film of a brand of erotic toys.

That’s why the most glamorous and elegant duster of all should be so named.


Products name: Kie Mask, Volonté Massager & Whip Jarlsgatan.

Kie Mask

There is a legend that speaks of the huge amounts of coffee that are drunk in the offices of LELO to reach the point of creativity where they create the best designs.

This incredible mask is named after the widely used coffee brand. Put them on and let yourself be carried away by the volcano of sensations.

Volonté Massager

In French, it can be translated as will or desire. Our massager, for both internal and external use, could not be given any other name.

Whip Jarlsgatan

To know what you’ve reached, you must always keep in mind where you came from.

Birger Jarlsgatan is the home where LELO was born, on one of the longest streets in Stockholm. You can see that Swedish sensibility in every single product.

The whip is the best representation of that street as well as a starting point for unparalleled sexual exploration.


Products name: Fontanoso Anal Pleasure Sphere, Dual Sense Massager & Spanker Rio.

Fontanoso Anal Pleasure Sphere

Fontanoso Way is the San Jose address where LELO first set foot in the United States. One of the most relevant moments in its history as a remarkable change in the way the brand was perceived in the eyes of the public and other brands.

Fontanoso anal spheres will represent a before and after also in your sexual intimacy when you discover the intensity that can be reached.

Dual Sense Massager

A beautiful vibrator with dual stimulation, undoubtedly one of the most iconic massagers and offering one of the most complete stimulations.

With 8 powerful vibration patterns, do you dare to discover what it feels like to touch the stars?

Spanker Rio

Spanker Rio is a leather wand that will not leave you indifferent and that you will adore, the same way as the presentation that was made at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas in an erotic toy’s exhibition.


Products name: Stureplan Anal Plug, Dot Chinese balls & AX Multi-massager.

Stureplan Anal Plug

Stureplan was the name of the district where some of the first LELO designs were created. The simple, elegant, comfortable and, above all, pleasurable design makes this anal plug very close to those early designs. That’s why Stureplen is the ideal name.

Dot Chinese balls

The erotic toy industries have struggled for years to be taken seriously. In 2013 LELO triumphed at the Red Dot Design Awards, a milestone that got the press to start talking about the subject from a serious and correct perspective.

Chinese balls are a product for those who are serious about their health and sex life. Exercising the pelvic floor correctly can not only help you to generate more intense orgasms, but it can also help you to have a good sex life and avoid problems such as urine leakage, among others.

AX Multi-Massager

As a culmination of its 15 years of designs, LELO has created one of the most daring, original, and pleasurable designs. There are countless uses for this multi-massager, however, LELO offers the opportunity, this time, to be the one who sets the standards and limits. Let your imagination run wild and use it as you wish. How would you use it?


This line has 1000 units per product. The toys are not sold separately, which means that only 1000 people will be able to enjoy this limited edition.

Product specifications:

  • Anniversary Collection
  • Contains 12 pleasure objects
  • Created with premium quality materials and biocompatible silicone
  • With USB charging cables
  • Satin sheaths
  • LELO lubricant sample
  • Case dimensions: 480 x 350 x 160 mm