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Do I have a small penis?


Do I have a small penis?


Do you question the size of your penis?

This is one of the most frequent questions that men usually ask themselves, and not only in youth or adolescence, but also with age.


What is the average size in Spain?


Let’s first define what is understood as a small penis.

The average length in Spain is 13 cm (5.1 inch), although this can vary, when the penis is erect. This is something we all know, but have you ever compared yours? To give you a visual idea a Stabilo Boss highlighter measures 11 cm (4.3 inch), that is, 2 cm (0.7 inch) more would make the total of what is understood as an average penis in Spain.


How many people have a small penis?


The reality is that there is currently a percentage of between 0.6 and 1% of people who have a small penis.DO-I-HAVE-A-SMALL-PENIS

Despite the number of people who believe they have a small penis; the reality is that very few people do. But what is considered a small penis?

A small penis is one that is between 6 (2.3 inch) and 8 cm (3.1 inch). To give you a visual idea a pen-drive measures between 7 (2.7 inch) and 9 cm (3.5 inch).


Wrong comparisons


So why do the vast majority of men think they have a small penis when they don’t?

This misconception of what a penis should look like comes from pornography. Usually, people who have a much larger than average penis are shown in porn and that is usually our closest comparison.

Normally the European average is very close to the Spanish size and only in countries with a large black population it’s usually larger, however, in these countries it’s between 16 (6.2 inch) and 17 cm (6.6 inch), so the difference is not as big as it is usually believed.


What are the problems of having a small penis?


The biggest problem that exists is really one of self-confidence, especially in what your partner may think or if you will be able to have normal sexual relations.

The answer is that, for most of the women, size is not a problem, except if the penis is really small. Generally, other aspects of sexuality are much more important to women than penetration alone.


Why there are no small dildos?


According to what we have been seeing so far, we can get to wonder then why there are no dildos of small sizes, if in the end the size is not so important.

Here it is necessary to emphasize that solo masturbation is not the same as intercourse with a partner. During sexual intercourse there are more things to consider.

It has been shown that for women, having a slightly larger than average penis improves the sexual experience. In general, most women tend to have problems with extremes, i.e., penises that are either too small or too large. Therefore, it must be understood that, although a little more than average is preferable to improve the sexual act, it can be a problem if it is too big. What is desirable, therefore, is to be average or slightly above average.


Virility VS size


It’s misleadingly known that we nowadays relate penis size to a person’s virility. The more “manly” you are, the bigger you are going to have it.

It is a very common mistake since, as we have already mentioned, the average is the one that counts with all types of people.




  • Youth: If a small penis is detected in a very young person, adolescent or pre-adolescent there are some treatments that can improve a penis size.
  • Adulthood: For those people who are no longer developing it is a little more complicated but not impossible.
    • There are products such as Orgie’s Touro gel that with proper and prolonged use can improve the size a somewhat.
    • The best treatment that exists, however, are penis enlargers, with them you have to be very constant and you have to use them for several hours and quite often. Some can be harmful if used improperly. That is why we recommend Bathmate penis pumps. These work with the help of water, which makes the exercise less aggressive.
    • Another option is surgery; however, it is still considered as experimental. It’s not recommended to undergo this surgery unless you find a urologist who is a real expert in the field because the results are not guaranteed.


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