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Geeky facts about sex


Geeky facts about sex


Yes, May 25th is Geek Pride Day, but do you know why it’s celebrated today?

The date was chosen because on 25 May 1977, “A New Hope”, the first film of the Star Wars saga, was released in cinemas. The date arrived in Spain thanks to a blogger, Germán Martínez, known as “El Señor Buebo”, who mobilised his website and social networks to organise different events in different parts of the country to commemorate the love for a common taste.

However, how do we really know what defines as a geek nowadays? Since the term became mainstream and was no longer something negative, we learned that the concept of a geek is a person who practices a hobby in an inordinate way. Let’s face it, who hasn’t been a fan of something or someone?

From Boudoir Erotic Boutique we want to break away in favour of sex freaks, that’s why today we bring you the best sex freak facts.

  • One in three married people has had an extramarital affair.
  • When you have an orgasm your heart can beat up to 180 times a minute. In case there are people who don’t believe that sex is the best cardio.
  • If you have trouble falling asleep, sex may be your solution. Because of the hormones and brain substances we release when we have an orgasm, it is normal to feel sleepy right after.
  • When ejaculation occurs, semen can reach up to 45 kilometres per hour.
  • A male orgasm can last between 10 and 13 seconds while a female orgasm can last between 13 and 51 seconds. Women have hit the jackpot in this area.Young adults can experience up to 10 erections a day due to hormones, and yes, they often occur at awkward moments and do not have to be linked to any sexual thoughts.GEEKY-FACTS-ABOUT-SEX
  • The female orgasm has a great analgesic power, which is why it can eliminate pains such as period pains or headaches. It is no longer an excuse!GEEKY-FACTS-ABOUT-SEX
  • The most common sexual fantasy is oral sex… What are we waiting for?
  • Kissing is healthy, yes, it is true that 40,000 bacteria are shared in a kiss, but most of them are harmless. Science has shown that kissing is healthy and that it exercises up to 30 muscles, activates circulation and improves self-esteem.
  • The average duration of sexual intercourse is 39 minutes.

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