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Masturbation. Celebrate your body


Masturbation. Celebrate your body


Is masturbation still a taboo subject? Less so, but it’s still not talked about as naturally as it was in the past.

There are works of art from prehistoric times that refer to this act.

According to Egyptian mythology, the world was created thanks to self-pleasure, for it was Atum who, whileSEX-AND-ITS-STAGES masturbating, began to ejaculate and from that ejaculation the muddy waters became crystalline, the dry lands began to revive. All this thanks to such a natural act.

But it doesn’t stop there, African tribes used it as part of cultural rituals and the Greeks understood it as a natural subject. So, what happened after being considered as normal as walking, it became such a taboo subject and there were so many myths that sought to inhibit people?

It all began with the advent of Christian relationships, for them everything related to sex that was not going to be “fruitful” and help the creation of a family became illicit and sinful. The theologian St. Thomas Aquinas believed that masturbation was a sin even worse than rape itself, adultery and incest, since in these sins reproduction is still possible.

With time and globalisation this issue has decreased, but we haven’t yet reached the point where our ancestors were, who even celebrated this form of self-love.

Today, fortunately, there is much more information than there was a few years ago. But, for example, women still feel more shy to talk about it than men, because for some people it’s still seen as something negative.

Feminism and the fight of women to show that sexual enjoyment is a right goes a long way to open the minds and mouths of those who are still silent for fear of being judged.

The 7th of May is celebrated as masturbation day as a way to make it visible and break stigmas about this topic that has been so often stigmatised. To add our grain of sand, we bring you some of the many benefits that masturbation can bring.

  1. It’s good for your heart

The best cardiovascular exercise is your own body. Especially in the case of men, it increases the levels of noradrenaline, which increases the heart rate and blood pressure. This improves circulation and keeps the cardiovascular system active.

  1. Good for your skin

Masturbation promotes oxygenation of the skin and releases oxytocins, which reduces inflammation, helps to eliminate pimples and rashes and stimulates the skin’s natural radiance. A very cheap beauty treatment!


The chemicals we release after an orgasm have analgesic benefits, which can reduce or eliminate pain, such as period pains.

  1. Your best ally for self-esteem

Masturbation is one of the key elements of self-knowledge. This knowledge is the beginning of the road to improving your self-esteem.

One exercise is to practice masturbation while looking at yourself in the mirror. The movement of the body, the heaving of the breast, the natural curves that form. Relating your naked body to such a pleasurable sensation as an orgasm can be one of your greatest allies.

  1. It brings happiness

That feeling of well-being, the great sought after. Another of the many chemical substances that our body releases is dopamine. A substance that we also release when we do sport. Dopamine is well known to be one of the keys to happiness and well-being.

  1. Reduces stress

With orgasm another substance we release is oxytocin, the analgesic substance we talked about before. With it we reduce our blood pressure, we reduce our cortisol levels and our sensitivity to pain is reduced. But this general relaxation affects not only the body but also the head, creating a sense of calm, helps you focus and concentrate and reduces stress levels.


These and many others are some of the positive points that masturbation has on our body.

Forget about prejudices, get to know yourself by doing this healthy and natural practice and don’t be afraid to speak up to get the message across to those people who still have trouble opening up to the wonderful world of self-pleasure.

From Boudoir your sex shop in Marbella, We hope that this information will be useful to you.


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