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Noir Lace Strapless Corset

115,00 IVA

Vinyl Corset with Suspenders

155,00 IVA

Obsessive Yaskana Corset XS/S

SKU: 7672
95,00 IVA

Obsessive Alessya Corset

95,00 IVA

Obsessive Belovya Corset Red

99,00 IVA

Obsessive Lanelia Corset

SKU: 7640
99,00 IVA

Obsessive Brasica Corset

125,00 IVA

Obsessive Setilla Corset & Thong Set

SKU: 7085
90,00 IVA

Cottelli Collection Traci Basque

85,00 IVA

Black Vinyl Corset with Suspenders

135,00 IVA

Red Vinyl Under Bust Corset

125,00 IVA

Black Vinyl Wetlook Waist Cincher

99,00 IVA

Black Satin Corset Under Bust

145,00 IVA

Open Bust Black Corset With Gold Chains

145,00 IVA

Stretch Corset & Thong Set S/M

SKU: 6716
85,00 IVA

3 Piece Open Set

SKU: 5845
55,00 IVA

Rhinestoned Chemise Set

135,00 IVA

Red Corset and Thong Set

135,00 IVA

Floweria Corset and Thong Set

SKU: 3506
Original price was: 75,00€.Current price is: 49,99€. IVA

Blue Corset and Thong Auroria

SKU: 2594
Original price was: 99,00€.Current price is: 55,00€. IVA

2 Piece Corset and Thong Set

65,00 IVA

A corset is a type of undergarment that is designed to shape and support the torso. Corsets typically have stiff boning and lacing in the back or front, which can be tightened to create a more slimming and hourglass-like silhouette.

While corsets were originally designed for practical purposes such as improving posture and providing support for women's breasts, they are now more commonly associated with erotic or fetish wear. Corsets come in a variety of styles, ranging from more traditional Victorian-inspired designs to modern, fashion-forward styles. They are often made of materials such as satin, leather, or PVC, and may feature lace, embroidery, or other decorative elements.

Some people wear corsets as part of their everyday wardrobe, while others reserve them for special occasions or for use in roleplay or BDSM activities. Regardless of how they are worn, corsets remain a popular choice for those who want to enhance their curves and make a bold fashion statement.